Thunderbirds Film Found

24 October 2008

Trapped In The Sky - Top LabelTrapped In The Sky - Peel Back The Label

Kyrano, Kyrano Fliped imaged of Fireflash in crew in flight Why would you want to watch a cleaned up and cropped Blu-Ray version of Trapped In The Sky when you could watch a 40 year old original colour version?

Mark is a collector of 8mm, 16mm and 35mm film prints of Gerry's work and recently contacted Fanderson as he would like to watch this film as I am sure many of you would as well.

Pilot Thunderbird 1 Scott Tracy 3 "I would love to see this print projected as it looks in great shape and I understand that it once belonged to Gerry and was left behind when they left the studios."

The only problem is where to show it? Anyone with details of public venues where this could be shown, please contact