Stingray CD Mailed to Fanderson Members

10th May 2009

Track listing revealed! Members can secure their copies now by downloading our printable order form The Stingray CD contains a 28 page full colour booklet containing track listings, epsiode informations, credits and recording dates

The waiting is over! This weekend the first few copies of Fanderson's eagerly awaited Stingray soundtrack CD have been posted out to members. CDs should start hitting doormats by Monday 11th May and all processed orders should be in the post over the next few days. the time you read this, those members who got their orders in first will hopefully be in Stingray heaven. Every theme and ambience from the series is covered in the release, from the 'battle drums' of the opening sequence, to Duke Dexter's crooning vocals and the romantic strains of Aqua Marina.

Running at just under three hours and totalling 53 tracks, with a sumptuous 28 page colour booklet containing detailed track notes, recording dates and credits, this CD set is a tribute to the great Barry Gray and a musical feast for fans of his work.

Disc 2 features four commercial recordings of classic themes, including a rare rendition of 'I've Got Something to Shout About' by Gary Miller. Other treats include the wonderful jazz pieces from Tune of Danger, the highland refrains of Loch Ness Monster and the martial pomp of 'March of the Oysters', the theme that was later imported so successfully into the Thunderbirds episode Day of Disaster. The full track listing can be seen below.

The Stingray CD is available exclusively to Fanderson members and has become the club's fastest ever selling merchandise item

When the double-disc release was announced back in March it became an overnight success, with Fanderson sales deluged with requests from members to reserve copies in case they sold out. The CD is now the club's fastest ever selling piece of merchandise, even beating the UFO and Space:1999 soundtrack releases, both of which are now completely out of stock. So, Stingray fans: you have been warned!

The CD set costs:

  • £29.99 for UK members
  • £30.99 for Europe
  • £32.99 for the rest of the world

Prices include postage and packing. Members can order their copy by downloading our printable order form. For further details on how to order by cheque, credit / debit cards, visit the Fanderson sales page.

Fanderson's merchandise is available exclusively to members, and the club has generated a sizeable number of newcomers off the back of the release, with people immediately wanting to order the CD and other items, including our Space: 1999 / UFO documentary DVD.

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CD 1
1. Stingray main theme (1:17)
2. Attack Of The Mechanical Fish (4:00)
3. The Judgement Of Teufel (5:34)
4. WASPs Night Club Medley (1:29)
7. Revenge Of The Bitumites (4:56)
8. Johnny Swoonara Arrives (2:31)
9. Blue Lagoon Batonga (1:18)
10. An Invitation To Death (4:20)
11. Marina In Peril (5:10)
12. The Quest For Treasure (6:29)
13. Commercial break (0:53)
14. The Treachery Of Captain Black (2:46)
15. The Might Of Solarstar (2:50)
16. I've Got Something To Shout About - instrumental (1:29)
17. Consoling Atlanta (1:21)
18. Fish Bait (5:12)
19. Terror Of The Gargan (3:11)
20. Ghostly Trap (5:43)
21. Prisoners of the Galleon (2:31)
22. Marineville Intruder (1:17)
23. Girls' Night In (1:01)
24. Festive Fun (1:34)
25. Aqua Marina (1:31)

CD 2
1. Stingray main theme - music only (1:17)
2. The Imposter (5:38)
3. Countdown To Destruction (2:32)
4. Palace In The Jungle (2:10)
5. The Commander's Adventure (1:41)
6. Stingray In Pursuit (3:25)
7. The Galvanoid Threat (4:01)
8. Deadly Ransom (2:46)
9. Journey Beneath The Sea (4:42)
10. The Mysteries Of The Loch (4:30)
11. The Monster Returns (5:11)
12. The Amazing Giant Oyster (2:17)
13. Pursuit Of The Oysters (4:07)
14. Hepcat in Trouble (6:24)
15. Dreamsville (3:59)
16. I've Got Something To Shout About - Gary Miller vocalist (1:27)
17. I've Got Something To Shout About - alternate version (1:26)
18. Troy's Award (1:02)
18. WASPs Jazz Interlude (0:44)
19. Concerto For X20 (2:13)
20. The WASPs Medley EP (2:18)
21. The Tune Of Danger (1:06)
22. Troy Inferno (2:51)
23. Bass Replace (0:56)
24. Aqua Marina - extended (2:21)
25. Stingray (1:56)
26. March Of The Oysters (1:45)
27. I've Got Something To Shout About (2:08)
28. Aqua Marina (2:19)