Spaceship Away Issue 17

24th February 2009

Cover of Spaceship Away Issue 17

Do you think we will ever see any new Frank Bellamy Thunderbirds stories? No of course not. However there is a glimmer of hope.

Spaceship Away which is now on issue 17 contains full colour original new Dan Dare (DD) stories in the style of the original comic presented with the Eagle logo.

This did not come around easily as the first issue was twelve years in the making! The current issue no 17 has 44 A4 pages in full colour, some of which will be of interest to the Anderson fans.

Page 1 of TV21 and Eagle Comparison from Issue 17

Included in issue 17 are articles covering a comparison between Eagle and TV21 by Stephen Baxter and working on DD in the Frank Bellamy period by Don Harley.

Other Anderson connections are a new DD centrespread by Mike Noble and Graham Bleathman does a cutaway of a DD craft.

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