Peter Gordeno Dies

30 October 2008

Peter Gordeno, as Captain Carlin at the helm of Sky 1 in UFO

Peter Gordeno, the singer and dancer fondly remembered for his role as Captain Peter Carlin in UFO, passed away on Saturday 18th October.

Born in Rangoon, Gordeno came to England in the early 1960s where he forged a career in musicals such as West Side Story and Do Re Mi. Gordeno was new to acting when Gerry Anderson cast him in his first live-action TV series. Nevertheless Gordeno played a central role in the very first episode, Identified, in which his character learns that his sister was killed by the aliens for organ transplants. He went on to appear in six more episodes before leaving the series to avoid being typecast.

Gordeno recorded a number of successful singles and choreographed and starred in a wide range of televised performances over the course of 20 years, also appearing sporadically in acting roles until the early 1990s.

In October 2000 Gordeno attended his only Fanderson convention, Century 21, where he impressed fans with his all-round friendliness and moves on the dance floor. He leaves behind his wife Angie and three children. A full obituary will appear in FAB 61.