New UFO Soundtrack CD Released

10th October 2009

Fanderson's new UFO soundtrack CD will be available from November and can be pre-ordered by club members now

Fanderson has re-issued an updated version of its UFO soundtrack CD to celebrate the cult show's 40th anniversary. Available exclusively to club members, the new release features a re-edited format for Barry Gray's music, plus fresh material that has come to light since the original release in 2003.

The original album proved immensely popular, with the club quickly selling all of the 1,000 copies it was permitted to produce. Since then the item has become one of the most requested items of club merchandise, with second hand copies occasionally appearing on eBay for three figure sums.

Now you can get your own copy - bona fide, brand new and bang up to date - for as little as £29.99 (UK price). The price for European members is £30.99 with rest of the world members paying £32.99.

Fanderson members who received their copy of FAB 64 last week will already be aware of the news, and although the double-disc set will not be available until November, pre-orders are being accepted now!

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