Modelling The 21st Century Vol II

17th March 2009

Creating Stingray Spearhead Bomber Cover of Modelling The 21st Century Volume II

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Modeller presents: Modelling The 21st. Century Volume Two

The second, 100-page, all-colour, all-new special presents stunning photography, step-by-step images, and superbly written articles based on many of the much-loved 'guest craft' featured in the legendary puppet and live-action series of Gerry Anderson, including:

Scratchbuilt Thunderbird Three,
UFO - inspired Carrier,
W.A.S.P. Arrowhead Interceptor,
W.A.S.P. Spearhead Bomber,
The Mole from Thunderbirds,
Thunderbird 6 Tiger moth with figures,
Supersonic Airliner SL6 from Fireball XL5,
Zero-X MEV and main body.

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Creating Captain Scarlet Spectrum Passenger Jet