Gerry Anderson Auction Round Up

8th February 2009

Gerry Anderson took to the stage to tell bidders the story behind the signed photo and personal letter from Apollo 13 astronaut James Lovell

Yesterday's auction of Gerry Anderson memorabilia proved to be a day of surprises at the Battersea Arts Centre's chilly and atmospheric Grand Ballrooom. After the interval break auctioneer and event organiser Tony James revealed that Mystery Lot 242 was none other than Gerry Anderson's signed photo and personal letter from Apollo 13 astronaut James Lovell. Gerry Anderson, who was in attendance all day to sign lots and pose for photos, then took to the stage to recount the story behind his meeting with the spaceman in the 1970s. But perhaps the biggest surprise was that no bids were forthcoming on the day, with the unique item - a letter from a famous astronaut to a famous sci-fi TV and film producer - going for just £600.

The Gerry Anderson Personal Office Memorabilia auction was held at the Battersea Arts Centre's Grand Ballroom

The biggest hits with the bidders generally involved the toys and models inspired by Anderson's series. Six pre-production models from Product Enterprises's popular vehicles range sparked a mini-bidding war in the first half of the auction, raising £1,040 in total. Aimed squarely at the modern fan collector, these items exceeded expectations, with a black and white pre-production model of Supercar beating the lower limit of the guide price by £240 (sold £300). A solid silver Dinky FAB1 went for £2,000, while the original blueprint for the toy car went for £320.

The Dinky Solid Silver FAB1 was the top-selling item at £2,000

Nevertheless, the bitter weather and the credit crunch seemed to make bidders more cautious than they might have been, and some lots remained unsold despite their undeniable historical value. An original 1969 Journey to the Far Side of the Sun movie poster failed to raise any hands, despite expectations that it would sell for £400-£600, while only a handful of Gerry Anderson's personal CGI shooting scripts for New Captain Scarlet were sold. The biggest casualty however was Lot 207, the auction's 'jewel in the crown': the only example of an original and signed cartoon by the visual efects supremo Derek Meddings.

A number of lots were withdrawn from the auction due to water damage, while others went to overseas bidders. At the end 30 lucky buyers were drawn to have their photos taken with Gerry Anderson, bringing to a close an amazing day of 'one offs' and the breaking up of a unique slice of TV history.

We hope to bring you a detailed runthrough of the auction as soon Fanderson can confirm the sales figures. Watch this space!