Mystery Lot Revealed in Anderson Auction

7th February 2009 11:45

Breaking News! Fanderson is the first to reveal that the eagerly anticipated Mystery Lot 242 in the Gerry Anderson Personal Office Memorabilia Benefit Auction is a framed personal letter and signed photo from Apollo 13 astronaut Captain James Lovell. This item has a guide price of £1,000 - £3,000 and was introduced by Gerry himself after the interval break.

Thunderbirds are Go Movie Poster print

When Gerry Anderson was in New York for the Space:1999 premiere in the mid 70s he shared a breakfast table with an American guy. When the American asked Gerry about his interest in space, Gerry described his visit to Cape Canaveral, the Apollo missions and the astronaut escape system. Only afterwards did the American give Gerry his card which read Captain James Lovell. He had been the captain of the ill-fated Apollo 13. This was the first person Gerry had ever asked for an autograph.

An auction-goer examines a peice of Ron Embleton artwork for Captain Scarlet

Prior to this, a number of other lots went for eye-catching figures, including:

  • Lot 51 - A solid sterling silver Dinky FAB1, circa 1968 - £2000
  • Lot 32 - A print of Ron Embleton's 'Captain Scarlet with sharks' closing titles artwork for Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons - £500
  • Lot 86 - A gold pre-production edition of Product Enterprises's Eagle, boxed and with certificate - £130
  • Lot 96 - A pre-production model of Product Enterprises's 'black and white' Supercar model - £300

Second half items of note:

  • Lot 194 - Lavender Castle original artwork folder - £200
  • Lot 204 - New UFO logo design print £100
  • Lots 207 and 210 - a personalised Meddings cartoon presented to Gerry Anderson during production of Stingray, circa 1962 - unsold
  • Lot 223 - Sunprobe display model by modelmaker Martin Bower - unsold

Fanderson will release further details of what sold, what didn't and how much money was raised in a full round-up of this unique day for Gerry Anderson memorabilia. Watch this space!

The event was held at the Grand Ballroom in the Battersea Arts Centre, London, and has been arranged as a space-saving measure for Gerry after he decided to vacate his Pinewood Studios office last year and work from home.

This page is being updated during and after the auction. Return later for more details.

      High-quality Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet models on show - the Angel Interceptor and the Sun Probe