FAB 63 - Coming in Vertical!

27th July 2009

Scott Tracy: Pilot of Thunderbird 1

As you can see from its amazing cover, FAB 63 (which is now in the post to all Fanderson members) is a bit of Thunderbirds special. We take a close look at four of the original scripts that provide a unique insight into the making of the series, while Timelash pulls together your memories of the Thunderbirds Are Go feature film.

We've also got plenty to keep you comics enthusiasts happy. Our epic Fireball XL5 strip reaches its explosive climax and acclaimed sci-fi author Stephen Baxter continues his exploration of post-TV 21 comics with Lady Penelope.

With more information on the mooted UFO feature film in FAB News, now's also a good time to catch up on the cast and characters from the original series with the second part of our SHADO personnel Dossier.

And if that wasn't enough we've got an exclusive interview with producer Tim Mallett of Kindred Productions on the making of Fanderson's Stingray Soundtrack CD (if you haven't bought yours yet, what are you waiting for? Click here to order). Not to mention all your usual favourites - Ask Anderson, FAB Reviews and a glowing reappraisal of a certain Space:1999 Year 2 episode!

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