FAB61 - In Time For Christmas

30th November 2008

FAB61 - Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun

FAB 61 should be hitting members' doormats from December 1st. This one's something of a Doppelgänger special, with the first part of our in-depth behind the scenes look at Gerry's ambitious 1969 feature film.

A lot has happened in the Anderson universe lately, so we'll be taking a look back at November's spectacular Barry Gray concert at the Royal Festival Hall, pay our respects to Peter Gordeno and Donald James, and spill the beans on the new Fanderson membership item for 2009.

There's also the second part of our interview with the late scriptwriter Johnny Byrne and Stephen Baxter's continuing exploration of TV Comic, the pre-TV 21 home of Gerry Anderson's graphic adventures. The classic Stingray episode Stand By For Action goes under the microscope, while Timelash is even more nostalgic than usual, with a extra large helping of your earliest Anderson memories just in time for Christmas.

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FAB61 - The Midas touch with Stingray