Crikey! Exposed!

30 October 2008

Crikey Issue 7

Gerry Anderson fans should be very excited about the latest issue of Crikey!, the great British Comics magazine. As well as the fabulous cover, it includes a 5 page interview with artist and Anderson super-fan Graham Bleathman, who has been responsible for making the machines seen in many Anderson series as real as possible, through the incredible detail of his cutaway artwork. This is a great interview as Graham talks about his involvement with various Anderson publications, the Thunderbirds movie and even gets Fanderson a mention.

If this is not enough what about 5 pages covering the Thunderbirds comic strip in the same issue?

For further details including how to purchase this and previous issues online or in the shops click here.

Crikey! issues 1 and 2 featured articles on the wonderful contributions of great Anderson artists Frank Bellamy and Ron Embleton.

Super-spies & Secret Agents Issue 1

Issue 2 also featured a quite magical story from a lady who won a fur coat in a Lady Penelope comic in the 60s. It includes the winning letter on Lady P letterhead and the specially stamped envelope.

An extract from Issue 2 reads "Lady Penelope had replied and the envelope and letter bore the unmistakable heading. She had very good news; I had won a fur coat! This definitely ensured that I would continue to read her magazine as she called it. I was hooked and would eat those girly FAB iced-lollies to prove my allegiance and invent a very exciting life for Sindy"

Gerry Anderson fans should also take a peek at the new sister publication from the same stable, Super-Spies and Secret Agents Issue 1. Agents featured in this issue include the not very successful but very entertaining X20 from Stingray as well as an article on Brent Cleaver, Agent 21, from TV21.