BFI Anderson Screenings On 31st July

21st July 2009

Eagle 1 approaches the Moon      A UFO approaches the Moon

The British Film Institute are showing the Space:1999 episode Breakaway and the UFO episode Survival as part of the Moon landing season on the 31st July 2009.

Breakaway - September 9th, 1999: Commander John Koenig arrives at Moonbase Alpha to supervise a manned probe mission to the newly discovered planet Meta. Nine astronauts have been killed by a mysterious illness and Dr. Helena Russell is convinced that radiation is the cause. An investigation of the Moon's nuclear waste disposal areas reveals no sign of radiation leakage but intense heat is registered and Professor Victor Bergman suggests that increased magnetic output is the real threat. One of the nuclear waste areas explodes and the only way to avert a major disaster is to disperse the remaining nuclear waste canisters, but a sudden increase in magnetic radiation sets off a chain reaction which alters the Moon's gravitational field and throws the satellite out of Earth orbit. This episode has always been one of the most popular, if not the most popular, episodes of any Gerry Anderson series.

Survival - Foster proves that the sudden decompression of the Leisure Sphere, which killed astronaut Bill Grant, was caused by an Alien bullet - fired by a lone Alien at large on the lunar surface. Leading a team to track down the Alien's UFO, Foster's investigations lead to disaster when he is cut off from Moonbase, believed dead!

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