Ben Kingsley Thunderbird Script Auctioned

22nd March 2009

Babylifeline will be auctioning a 2004 Thunderbirds film script signed by Sir Ben Kinglsey

A copy of the 2004 Thunderbirds film script signed by Sir Ben Kingsley is to be auctioned later this week by the charity Baby Lifeline. Fans will be able to bid for the script, plus an accompanying photo card of the Oscar-winning English actor who played the Hood in the live-action film directed by ex-Star Trek star Jonathan Frakes.

The items form part of an event organised in conjunction with the King's Lynn Rotary Club that takes place on Friday 27th March. Bids must be e-mailed in, and payments can be processed by credit / debit cards, cheque or bank transfer.

To find out more click here, or email your bid to

Fans will be notified within 24 hours of placing their bid by email as to whether they are currently winning the auction, and will also be notified if they are outbid. The auction will close at 6pm on 26th March 2009.

The money raised from the auction will be used by the Rotary Club to help purchase a £16,000 intensive care incubator.