Barry Gray Radio Show

21st July 2009

The internet radio station LuxuriaMusic recently broadcast a one hour show dedicated to the music of Barry Gray - The Beyondophonic Action Hour.

This is not your average show broadcasting a few of the top Anderson theme tunes. You can see from the July 19th set list what a rich and varied show this really is.

Fortunately being an internet radio show the whole 19th July show is downloadable as is a previous show from 12th April 2009.

Some previously unreleased material is played together with some of DJ Tothar's favourite cover versions of Barry Gray classics. Fanderson even gets a mention.

Watch out for some adverts that Barry Gray made because they will get your toes tapping and hours later you will still be singing the jingles.

Well done to LuxuriaMusic and DJ Tothar - fantastic job!

Finally you can see the entries to the Gerry Anderson competition (now closed) which are pretty entertaining.

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