Andersonic Issue 8

11th September 2009

The latest issue of Andersonic, the brilliant A5 fanzine that covers every series in the Anderson canon is now available to order online. Issue 8 features a brand new interview with Mike Noble who discusses his work on Anderson-related comic strips in TV21 and Look-In. It's 40 pages packed full of articles, interviews and reviews (including a glowing write-up of Fanderson's Stingray CD!).

Anderonic Issue 8 is now available for all Gerry Anderson fans

You can order your copy today at or from eBay for a limited period.

More details:

  • Stingray - is there more to Stingray's longevity than all that colour?
  • Joe 90 - City of Dolls: a look at how the series captured the zeitgeist of the late 60s
  • Joe 90/ Business Holiday - Classic episode reviewed
  • The Metamorph Retrospective - a closer look at the colourful opening episode of Space:1999's reboot
  • Beyond Century 21 - the fate of costumes, instrumentation and miniatures from the Anderson series after the closure of the studios
  • Space:1999 / Missing Link - a look at Edward di Lorenzo's thoughtful offering from the first series
  • UFO / The Square Triangle - UFO does melodrama. Classic episode reviewed
  • Review Section - Fanderson's Stingray CD and two volumes of TV21 reprints
  • Alpha Mail - Readers letters and comments
  • Things You Do - ...when you're a fan. Back by popular demand!
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