Adventure In The 21st Century

2nd March 2009

Cover of Century 21 Volume 1

Publishers Reynolds & Hearn have announced details of Volumes One and Two of Century 21, lavish compilations of reprints from the 1960s comics TV Century 21 and Lady Penelope. The books include some of the best strip stories from Fireball XL5, Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Zero X and Lady Penelope. Each story has been meticulously restored, with most pages reproduced from original artwork unseen for over 40 years.

'We've worked closely with Gerry Anderson since day one of this project,' says editorial director Marcus Hearn. 'Gerry is as excited as we are at being able to reprint these stories using modern technology. We all feel that most of this material looks better than it's ever looked before - even better than it did in the 60s.'

Cover of Century 21 Volume 2 The books have been compiled by former Fanderson chairman Chris Bentley and Volume One features a foreword by Gerry. The artists include such legendary names as Frank Bellamy, Ron Embleton and Mike Noble.

The paperback editions of Century 21 will be available in bookshops, priced £14.99 each, on 31 March. Strictly limited edition hardbacks will only be available direct from the publisher and can be pre-ordered from the Reynolds & Hearn website,, now.

Hardback editions signed by Gerry Anderson are also available from the website, but these are limited to just 100 copies of each volume.

Sample of Thunderbirds by legend Frank Bellamy