UFO Film Producers Issue Announcement

10th July 2011

The logo for the new UFO feature film project

The producers of the UFO feature film project have issued a brief statement on their official website.

The message from Avi Haas and Matthew Gratzner thanks fans for their unstinting interest in the project and expresses the aim of bringing the film to release in summer 2013. The majority of creative development has now been completed.

'This is a BIG film and it takes time to prepare a project of this magnitude,' reads the joint message. 'Like you we are huge fans of the original series and want to do it justice.'

The message will be welcomed by fans who have expressed dismay in recent months due to the lack of concrete news on the project. As always, Fanderson will bring you more details as and when they develop.

A design for the first official movie poster can also be found on the site in the gallery section.

You can read the message in full here.

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