FAB 67 is here

15th November 2010

Fanderson's FAB67 featuring Joe 90 on the cover

The winter edition of Fanderson's fantastic club magazine has now been sent to all Club Members.

FAB67 has a full and proper review of the Club's recent TV21 convention in Bristol, not to mention a chance to have another go at our 21 Objects of Adventure game that took place over the weekend!

Ask Anderson makes a welcome return, with the great producer answering your questions on everything from where the aliens kept the doors on their UFOs, to what inspired the design for Thunderbird 3's Roundhouse.

We mark the 50th anniversary of Fall Feather Falls with a nostalgic look back at the origins of the show, while Ian Fryer examines the production of The Investigator, a final short-lived foray in the world of Supermarionation. There's also the fourth part of our detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of Space:1999, complemented by Ken Parker's reappraisal of the Seance Spectre from Season 2.

Paul Woods dusts off his collection of Project S.W.O.R.D. spaceship toys produced by Century 21's merchandising arm, while Stephen Baxter charts the rise of the John Theydon Supermarionation novels. There's a special surprise in our specifications guide to Brains' Skyship 1 from Thunderbird 6, and we count the human cost of Earth's war with the Mysterons.

All of this, as well as the latest Anderson-related news, FAB Mail and your cherished Timelash memories. Don't miss it!

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