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Old 28th September 2015, 07:02 AM
US Fanderson US Fanderson is offline
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Hello everyone!

Can't remember how I found out about Fanderson, but last time I remember, there was a Thunderbirds 50th anniversary soundtrack set and long story short; here I am!

I am proud to be an American and an American Gerry Anderson fan. It started with Thunderbirds then one thing led to another and now I'm a fan of a few more shows.

I became a fan around the beginning of this year and great timing too because it's the same year of Thunderbirds' 50th anniversary.

I'm happy to joined and look forward to being here!
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Old 16th October 2015, 12:22 AM
big rat big rat is offline
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"1993 they had address in the thunderbirds comic so I wrote off got the info back and joined.
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Old 9th January 2016, 11:29 AM
SnowLeopard SnowLeopard is offline
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Default Hi everyone!

I'm a long-time Gerry Anderson fan - I even remember Four Feather Falls, which must date me somewhat!

I watched Supercar, and Fireball XL5, but missed Stingray, because of moving abroad for my dad's job. I did see most of Thunderbirds, but missed Captain Scarlet. Came back home when UFO was first airing and loved it. Enjoyed Space:1999 also. Then real life got in the way and I rather lost contact - though I did grab the two 'collector's edition' packs of UFO DVDs. Now, some years down the line, I've got time and facilities to watch them, and I am HOOKED once more. I also have recorded and awaiting watching the New Thunderbirds - but my viewing list is seriously stacked up!

Found this forum - and quite a lot else - on the Web some years ago, but only recently decided to do something about it.
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Old 10th January 2016, 05:39 PM
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Thumbs up 1st time Fanderson's

I really can not recall when I 1st heard about Fanderson, I subscribed to Fab Mag. 2 yrs. ago & joined this fabulous Fanderson Forum a few days ago! I can vaguely remember in my youth seeing some Thunderbirds shows here in the US, but they did not catch on with me then.

Now in my (older..ha,ha) age I love all things Fanderson/Gerry Anderson!!
Yes, M'Lady
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Old 29th July 2016, 12:05 PM
Didirix Didirix is offline
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I'm here since a week or so, heard of fanderson from a guy I spoke in a bar. In a weird way, we got to speak about Thunderbirds and he told me about the forum. We are both TB fans, but didn't know eachother. Such a small world sometimes.
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Old 24th January 2017, 12:54 AM
Cliff House Cliff House is offline
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Hi all.
First post is a question for all: Does anyone know where the Portugese 'Tracy Island' (unsuccessfully) filmed by Meddings etc for the Swinging Star/Alan wakes up segment of Thunderbirds are Go was/is situated?

(will post some of my Anderson fan since 60's childhood pics soon)
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Old 16th January 2018, 07:21 PM
Mexican Bandit
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Hi there.
I've come across Fanderson a few times during searches for information concerning UFO.
UFO and the work of Derek Meddings fascinate me, has done ever since child hood . Finally joined Fanderson a few days ago.
Thank you for welcoming me on board.

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