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Default Thunderbirds – 50th Anniversary Fan-made Intros

In honour of the 50th Anniversary of Thunderbirds I made four fan-made intros for stories I've made up. You can view them on YouTube, I hope you like them.

Tomb of Ice
During a blizzard in Switzerland a patrol jet crashes into the side of a mountain and triggers off an avalanche. The only thing in its path is the Menzel space observatory, which has been monitoring the Alpha 93 Saturn probe. The scientists have survived the avalanche but are still trapped inside the complex. To make matters worse the observatory was due to transmit a signal to the probe to correct its orbit before it ends up in Saturn’s ring. Thunderbirds 1 and 2 go to the rescue with the Mole and the Transmitter Truck. Rescuing the scientists will be easy but can they save the probe in time?

Transport to Danger
In the last month three automated monorail goods trains have crashed. Jeff suspects sabotage and therefore asks Lady Penelope to go to China to be present for the maiden voyage of the Chang Express, China’s first automated passenger express train. Before the train’s departure terrorists temper with its main computer by programming the Com Transport Processor (C.T.P.) chip to overload and short circuit. Without the chip the train cannot stop, adjust its speed or separate the carriages from the engine. While Penelope goes after the terrorists Scott, Virgil and Gordon try and rescue the passengers and stop the train before it crashes into Shanghai.

The Orbit Correction
The Global Defence Force has had to destroy a meteor that was heading for Earth. Despite the mission being successful large fragments crash into the Faraday Space Research Station knocking it out of orbit. Or though the station was ordered to evacuate the crew weren’t quick enough and some of them (including children and teenagers) were still aboard when the fragment struck. Thunderbird 3 with Alan, Brains and Tin-Tin on board blasts off to rendezvous with Faraday. It will be a race against time to re-establish the station’s orbit before it gets thrown out of the Earth’s orbit and ends up on to a collision course with the Moon.

Sub Crash
Vital medical supplies are needed on Malkowitch, an island in the south Atlantic. However, due to bad weather conditions transporting the supplies by boat and aircraft is out of the question. The World Navy help out by using one of their submarines, W.N. Crucible, to deliver the cargo. All goes well until one day the Crucible is caught in a whirlpool and all contact is lost. A rescue team led by the W.N. flagship, Atlantic, is sent out and the submarine is found teetering on the edge of a sea cliff. Thunderbird 4 and Atlantic must work together to rescue the crew and recover the cargo before the Crucible goes over the edge.
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