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Old 30th November 2016, 02:29 AM
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Default That Toy Horse in Give or Take a Million - Thunderbirds

Greetings. There is a scene where a plastic toy horse is being prepared for wrapping in the Give or Take a Million Thunderbirds episode. Can any collector out there confirm what company made those back in the mid 60's? Someone told me probably "Marx" in the States but would like to confirm. Maybe somebody remembers? I know they used actual toys available back then in the episode. Thanks for any info.
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Old 1st December 2016, 12:25 AM
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i know at the beginning of this episode that nicky was playing with the j.rosenthal thunderbirds toys but in the scenes with the toys throughout were the andersons were not allowed to put any toys(or their packaging) from any of their series at the time of filming? all i just see were models of fred flintstone,yogi bear & donald duck so were they only put on display normal toys?
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Old 1st December 2016, 12:27 AM
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Plastic horse?

It's clearly a porcelain/China/painted clay ornament
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Old 1st December 2016, 09:09 PM
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If you mean the one that is unwrapped after the test flight to see if anything is broken then it's a porcelain horse.

If you do a google image search for "beswick horse" you'll probably find something that looks very like it (I know because I think we had one that was very similar).

Having checked the scene in the episode I'm more intrigued by the sign in the background that says "Please park prettily" (it was probably unreadable on an old TV).

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Old 2nd December 2016, 03:41 AM
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Default porcelain - hmmm, not the same ones was thinking of then

Tho looks similar. Must have been a few different types out there for sale as a toy collector has informed me there were indeed plastic horses, similar in design to the one in the episode for sale for many years, at least in the States, made by a couple different US companies. Ones I was thinking of were made of a very hard plastic and had no movable joints. Definitely not porcelain/ceramic so must be different type.
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Old 2nd December 2016, 05:09 AM
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If it's any help to U.K. readers, early plastic, bakelite, can be very shiny with rich colours and be almost porcelain looking. Very common in '40s and '50s toys and jewelry in America.
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Old 2nd December 2016, 03:37 PM
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The fact that they used the model horse's survival as a way of proving the success of the crate's soft landing from the test rocket, means it was made of a fragile material!
So, a porcelain Beswick horse all the way for me!
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