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Old 9th November 2010, 04:26 PM
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Jason Smith
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Default Space: 1999 Journey to Where

I'm currently ploughing through Space: 1999 Year 2 and have reached Journey to Where, which is coming across thus far as one of the series better episodes.

A passage of dialogue confused me, though.

It is stated in a coversation between Tony and Keonig that they have been in space for months and that would equate to decades in Earth time. How would they know that. The moon is supposed to have passed through a black hole in season one and something similar is mentioned as happening between seasons. It's possible that this might have effected Alpha's perception of time compared to Earth, but how could they possibly know by how much?

Also, if New Texas is speaking to Alpha via a neutrino transmission, which can transmit over billions of miles almost instantly, how are the Alphans able to answer back? As this is fantasy technology (as far as I know, with no scientific background) I suppose an explanation is possible for this one.

Any thoughts? Taking Space Year 2 seriously is fraught with danger, but I'm willing to give it a go!
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Old 9th November 2010, 05:52 PM
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I must admit that I find Journey To Where one of the better Year Two episodes, the irony being that the Alphans are left disappointed that a return to earth becomes impossible, yet had they made it they'd still be going back to an Alpha situation, i.e. living in a base that would be sealed off from the planet they live on and not able to progress in a natural habitat.

As for time travel, I just assumed that the space warps they'd been through propelled them into a future time, and I'm sure Einsteins theory of relativity can somehow be conveniently included here if they've travelled through black holes at light speed?. Again on assumption, I remember wondering if Maya, as the science officer, might have calculated it? That's the trouble with Year 2, one is constantly left trying to attach their own licenses to explain vague mistakes. I wonder if that could have been a Fred Freiberger amendment to the Donald James script?

As for Neutrino...I do see it as fantasy technology, rather like the 'Stazers' in Dorzak that Alpha also used before and after that in medical center, it's just there to provide a story that concludes in a 50 minute time slot. Unfortunately it's that kind of thing that I can't take seriously, which really does hinder ones enjoyment at times. And as for Isla Blair's accent and wig...!

However, Barbara Bain probably gives her best 1999 performance in this episode.
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Old 10th November 2010, 04:35 PM
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Hope this helps. There is extensive discussion of Space:1999 at the site http://space1999.net/catacombs/index.html
and specific discussion at this link of "Journey To Where":
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Old 20th July 2017, 07:57 PM
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I've always assumed that Texas City on Earth shared with Alpha the technology or their beam was able to transmit both ways somehow! It's the only explanation I can think of!
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