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Old 12th May 2018, 12:20 PM
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Default Episode 3.8 - Crash Course - Discussion

When two space freighters crash in low Earth orbit, Alan and John must evacuate the hotheaded pilots from a dangerous debris field...

Guest Cast:
Adam Howden - Barrett Bell

Written by:
Amy Wolfram (TBC...)

Directed by:
Theo Baynton (TBC...)
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Old 6th June 2018, 08:06 PM
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Overall this is a reasonable space rescue story – but the extent to which things are contrived to make it work generally let it down.

To set the whole thing up requires two essentially unprofessional pilots to have an argument about who should “move over” and the result is the ships get stuck together.

Alan then seems to the only one left at home and this sets up an excuse to deploy “Maximum Max” – the need for which I’ve never quite followed: Why does it need Max to control the extra arms etc when you’d have thought that the usual computer systems on TB-3 could quite easily provide Alan with control of them. However given the other TB-3 pod that we’ve seen this series perhaps it’s a good excuse to lay more ground for a modular TB-3 toy at some point.

We then have John coming to help – but using the “Buzz Lightyear” pack? – where has the TB-5 pod gone?

The middle part of the story then seems to work quite well as they work out how to get the crew out of the ship – but it leaves the question as to how TB-3, which in previous stories has gone all the way to Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and round the Sun, manages to run out of fuel in Earth Orbit having only have to do one burn to pull the ships into a higher orbit (Note to writers here – to move something into a higher orbit you need to speed it up not “pull” it upwards………).

Having then lost the transferred fuel we have a final sequence that involves spinning the whole set of ships up and then throwing TB-3 clear – nice idea that makes for an exciting end to the story, but it’s then not explained how TB-3 gets back to Earth when it still doesn’t have any fuel.

On the whole I thought it was a more reasonable episode than some that we’ve had, but let down by a need to have to make to all work with too many coincidences and what are essentially series continuity “errors”.
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