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Old 3rd June 2017, 02:49 PM
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Awww, the review's just had the loveliest comment from Martin Smith:

"Okay, okay! A large slice of humble pie has been eaten. Andrew’s review of this movie was nothing short of amazing. Yes I did read it all the way through. I agree that the film should be viewed as an entertaining family film, and in that, it certainly was. I still believe the script was weak in parts, but the “nods & winks” to the original series were subtle and good to see, especially the plastic “puppet hands” in the Thunderbird 1 launch sequence. The Thunderbird redesigns were not nearly as bad as I remembered them to be, and the CGI was very well done IMO.
Well done Andrew, thanks for the time spent on this review, it was a good and informative read.
I do actually have a copy of the DVD which I bought on release which included toy versions of the Thunderbird Machines. Maybe, I could just dig it out and give it a view? "

The time spent on the review has definitely been worth it if that's the kind of reaction it gets
War Of Nerves: A Sci-Fi Short Film

Thunderbirds Are Go! - Comin' To The Rescue
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