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Old 24th April 2017, 07:16 PM
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Jason Smith
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Default 'thunderbirds' series 1 the best?

what do 'thunderbirds' 'supercar' 'the protectors' 'space:1999' & 'terrahawks' all have in common? they are all anderson series that were all commissioned a second series.i know Y1 of '1999' was the definite series but not Y2 but what your comments on the second seasons of the other series? series 1 of 'thunderbirds' was brilliant but anyone think the 6-parter series 2 was like the first or was it ok? in my view it was all right.
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Old 2nd May 2017, 03:03 PM
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Honestly the Series 2 episodes always make me feel kind of sad.

The show was hugely successful, the crew were firing on all cylinders, and they had many of the upgraded sets and models from Thunderbirds Are Go at their disposal...

So of course Lew Grade pulls the plug because none of the US networks want to meet his ever increasing demands and the entire 'series' is just 6 episodes compared to Series 1's 26.

Atlantic Inferno, Path of Destruction & Ricochet are some of my all time favourite episodes and I'd definitely rate them up there with some of the best Series 1 episodes. I can't help but wonder what sort of things we would have seen had Series 2 had another 20 episodes.

Being only 6 episodes and being canned the way it was, Series 2 doesn't really have it's own 'identity' in the same way the first did. While there are definite differences and ways to quickly identify the episodes, I honestly feel it easier to treat Thunderbirds as one single entity, though this might be because when I was a kid I religiously rewatched my Sun Probe/Ricochet 'movie' VHS.

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Old 2nd May 2017, 05:37 PM
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Oh dear.
For me, the balance between budget and continuity starts to rear its ugly head in season 2. I see Atlantic Inferno and Path of Destruction as bonus episodes on the dvd, because I really do enjoy them. However, the style of the episodes and redesigned sets feels odd compared to the season 1 eps. Perhaps its because I find TAG-66 so disapointing, and the launch sequences of Scott and Virgil that reuse the footage from Trapped In The Sky are a poor fit.
Add to that there are some ideas in the remaining four stories that although good, lack the punch of earlier episodes. When I finally saw Alias Mr Hackenbacker, I was disappointed thst it was more about gimmick gadgets and hijack scenario rather than a proper rescue operation.
Perhaps I also feel that way because there are so few episodes. It makes me frustrated that stories with a bit more scope or potential were missed. Give Or Take A Million has a lovely ending, but it feels like a last gasp. Esp since there is no rescue operstion and hardly involves the main characters in the core story.
Irronically I don't mind many if these aspects in Thunderbird 6, maybe because I enjoy the film as a stand alone final chapter in classic Thunderbirds, knowing Captain Scarlet was made alongside it.

But to me, Season 1 of Thunderbirds was Supermarionation's finest hours. All 26 of them.
This is Thunderbird 2, how can I assist?

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Old 3rd May 2017, 09:00 PM
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Jason Smith
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when 'thunderbirds' went into production in 1964 lew grade approved it & gained a contract to make 26 half-hour episodes.i think under his own rules,although 'supercar' had two seasons & 'fireball:XL5' & 'stingray' got had 39 episodes each for anderson's next series at the time he want 'thunderbirds' to make just 26 episodes to cut back from 39 & would never compare to the andersons' other series.but he was wrong after seeing the 30-minute pilot when the series was made lew said to gerry 'this is too damn good for half a hour' when 9 half-hours were already been filmed,grade decided to make them into one-hour episodes,added extra footage & extra dialogue within filming of the series it became a show like no other.better looking & cost more than 'doctor who' 'thunderbirds' was not only a smash hit in the mid 60s it became not only gerry and sylvia anderson's most successful series & still is,it was also one of the most popular & most fondly-remembered children's television series of all time.was it intended to last just the one series as it was originally intended to?
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