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Old 9th September 2016, 08:33 PM
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Originally Posted by SPC1 View Post
I do remember seeing a May 1975 comic which had the full-page colour advert for the dinky eagle transporter in the back cover which was found in a cupboard with other comics in the technical room at my old school in 1988 so the eagle transporter must be out at that time 4 months before '1999' started in the UK. It also stated in the ad 'from Gerry anderson's new TV series 'space:1999' on your TV screen soon!' So I have a feeling dinky toys were right that it was not shown yet.did dinky toys issue the transporter first then the freighter a few months later? & what was the series 'Bearcats' that ATV showed in 1975 about?
I've never seen Bearcats. I assumed it was a US show. In the 70's ATV seemed to quite often buy in US shows that few if any other regions bothered with.
I'm guessing it is this series from 1971


I expect its possible that Look In went to press much earlier than TV Times which is why the Look In listings were often wrong
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Old 9th September 2016, 08:37 PM
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Sometimes look-in's listings in the TV guide are right & can be wrong as they say at the end of the page'all times were correct at the time of going to press'. In 1 1989 edition in the middle of the year look-in said that channel 4 was repeating Yorkshire tv's 1974 children's drama 'boy dominic' on a Sunday morning at 8.30am in July but the channel was still showing 'romana' in that time & day at that month but did'nt show it until 5 months later! TV times may get their listings but not look-in as they were both ITV journals!when dinky issued their Gerry Anderson models they would'nt issue all 3 'captain scarlet' models all at once & later on issue all 3 'UFO' die-casts at the same time.they would issued in a couple of months after the model comes out(FAB1 was released in 1966,thunderbird 2 came out in 1967) so did the 'eagle freighter' was issued in September 1975 4 months after the 'eagle transporter'? Must've been issued to coincide with '1999's launched.was there also talk of dinky issuing a 'eagle twin-pack set' like they did to 'star trek' a year later?
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Old 9th September 2016, 09:44 PM
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I don't recall the specifics but I seem to recall that there has been more than one occasion in the past where toy lines have been scheduled and released based on original broadcast intentions which have subsequently changed but the toy lines usually need to go into production a very long time in advance.
Again I don't recall the specifics but I think that books and magazines have often fell foul of the same problem although that was sometimes down to the late decisions made by ITV regions to show certain programmes at a different period of the year to the main network or even other regions.

Year Two of Space 1999 was a perfect example with only LWT and ATV screening from September 1976 while most other regions were still showing Year One repeats. Year Two would not make it to other regions for months or even years later and in at least one region , never

If Year one really had been intended for January 1975 screening something as simple as the network not agreeing on an available slot could have caused it's delay. I expect ATV had hoped for a full network screening but of course they never got that anyway. Despite lack of networking being an obvious reason for shows not reaching their full potential ITV politics always won out and most filmed shows whether they be ITC or US imports died slowly in regional hell.
You would have thought ITV would have learned when their rare decision to not only network a US import with Charlies Angels in 1977 but to give it a primetime Monday 9pm slot usually reserved for plodding ITV studio drama at the time paid dividends and the show became massive.
But after networking the start of season 2 it quickly faded away when the regions couldn't agree on a slot for it partway into season 2
Makes you wonder how iconic shows like The Six Million Dollar Man ever took off with 5 years on ITV.
I do sometimes wonder what would have happened to the original series of Star Trek had ITV got it in the late 60's.
They certainly would not have been showing it in primetime for part of the year every year for 12 years

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Old 20th July 2017, 07:33 PM
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I remember the Space 1999 novels very well but that was well after the first series was over. Must have been in 1976 and I found books 1, 4, 5 & 6 and couldn't get enough of them. Sadly I couldn't find the second novel for a while and eventually found a tattered edition down in Clapham market later in the year! Then it was the second series novels by Michael Butterworth and I only completed the set with number six in the last decade or so. Happy days!

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