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Old 7th November 2018, 03:46 PM
Commander Desica Commander Desica is offline
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Default Andersonic 24

As the nights draw in and we await the arrival of issue 91 of FAB...

Issue 24 of Richard Farrell's Andersonic has just landed on my doormat.

Highlights this issue include a whopping ten-page interview with the godfather of Gerry Anderson fandom, Dave Nightingale - the larger than life legend behind Supermarionation is Go!, Action 21 and a multitude of Engale calendars and the like. And Fanderson gets a big mention too!

Elsewhere, we find a feature on the once read, never forgotten Thunderbirds comic strip, 'The Crexus Creature'; a review of the rather scary Space: 1999 episode 'Troubled Spirit'; a look at the second block of Thunderbirds episodes and the undersea 'cold war' goings on in Stingray... and a new feature, 'Crater 101', which is like 'Room 101' but dedicated to all the things you fear and loathe in the Anderverse! Rounding it all off nicely is a 50th anniversary feature on Doppelganger and some reviews of recent Fanderson CDs.

Oh yes and for those if us who are huge fans of 'UFO'... there's the first part of a brilliantly drawn and written comic strip - in full colour - that reunites Ed Straker with one of his, er, less successful flights of fancy.

Hurry up with issue 25, Richard, 'cos I want to find out what they find inside the (sorry, no spoilers!).
"I...never want to see you...again."

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Old 7th November 2018, 06:17 PM
Simon Morris Simon Morris is offline
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I always look forward to a new Andersonic...

[EDIT: What a fantastic cover!]
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Old 7th November 2018, 11:27 PM
saturnapollo's Avatar
saturnapollo saturnapollo is offline
The Snake
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Just ordered it. And issue 23.
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Old 9th November 2018, 09:34 PM
andersonitis andersonitis is offline
General Strond
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Default Bought my copy off ebay

Great article on Dave Nightingale
I do think fans who do remarkable things are just as interesting as people who worked on the shows,
Dave deserves a knighthood for his involvement in the Anderson legacy as does Phil Rae & many others,
Not forgetting for 1 minute every member of Fanderson crew.
One of the better Andersonic issues,
It must be said Richard Farrell is a fantastic artist too,
Always impressed.
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