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Old 30th March 2013, 06:04 PM
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Default Space Precinct Legacy - a few comments

Cathy and I finally had the opportunity to watch Space Precinct Legacy this afternoon, so, a few comments.

Cathy was watching this totally afresh, although she did accompany me to the set on a few of my visits, and she really, really enjoyed it. Especially as she felt it was an accurate reflection of her memories of the series.

I have to agree with Cathy as well, I really enjoyed the film, and though I am obviously well aware of the production's financial constraints, the length of the film passed very quickly as all the speakers had something interesting to say. I also liked the way that the dialogue didn't jump around, each area of discussion was covered by the speakers before moving on to the next area of discussion. My pictures had never looked so good either (they are all my shots), and even now I'm quite proud of the quality of the images considering the type of camera I was using!

I too, thought that what was said was an accurate reflection of the making of the series, warts and all, and having been part of it all and party to many conversations at the time, those views were put across well thoughout the film.

A nicely made film, and hopefully a good stepping stone for Event Films' future productions.

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Old 9th April 2013, 05:43 PM
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I've always had a soft spot for Space Precinct although I've never been blind to its many flaws.

This documentary is searingly honest about the show's shortcomings. I remember even at the time wondering how such an expensive show could end up looking so cheap !

The story about how the money men almost pulled the plug half way through is particularly jaw dropping !

I guess it's an "unofficial" documentary as there are no clips from the show itself. Also, of the main cast only Mary Woodvine is interviewed.

It comes on a BR-R rather than a pressed Blu-Ray disc. On this basis I'm not sure why a DVD-R version wasn't released as well as there are a lot of people out there who still dont have Blu-Ray players.

Overall, although it's expensive I would recommend it to any Anderson fan.
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Old 24th May 2015, 05:01 PM
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Can be watched online for free for the next 32 hours :

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Old 27th May 2015, 10:30 PM
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Thanks for that. It's still up by the way, way past the 32 hours you mentioned.

Very interesting comments, especially tiowards the end.

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Old 10th November 2015, 03:37 PM
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Legacy is still up, along with a behind the scenes posted by Terrahawks animator Kevin Davies.

After viewing Legacy, I started to slowly compile a list of people that might have been able to help Gerry Anderson/Mentorn avoid the show's troubles. A name or credit below might be of use to someone here:

TV Movie
Executive Producer Brian Clemens (The Avengers/The Professionals) or Gary Kurtz (Star Wars/Slipstream), Producer Burton Armus (Kojak/Star Trek: The Next Generation), Screenwriter George R. R. Martin (Nightflyers/Starport-unproduced-pilot), Director Anthony Hickox (Sundown/Full Eclipse), Action Director Corey Yuen (Yes, Madam/No Retreat, No Surrender 2), Director of Photography John Fenner (The Storyteller/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Production Designer Roger Hall (The Storyteller/Highlander II), Art Director Simon Murton (Fortress/The Crow), Costume/Set Consultant John Napier (Captain EO/Time) and Concept Artist Brendan McCarthy (Highlander II/Coneheads)

Cast - Main Human Police (This could have been endless, so I kept it short.)
1) Richard Chaves (Predator/War of the Worlds), Martin Kove (Cagney & Lacey/Hard Time on Planet Earth), Al Matthews (Superman III/Aliens), Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Rising Sun/Space Rangers), Marshall R. Teague (former deputy sheriff; Road House/Walker, Texas Ranger) or Philip Michael Thomas (Miami Vice/Extralarge)
2) Tia Carrere (Wayne's World/Rising Sun), Marjean Holden (Renegade/Philadelphia Experiment II), Famke Janssen (Star Trek: The Next Generation/Model by Day), Michelle Johnson (Far and Away/Death Becomes Her), Michael Michele (New Jack City/Dangerous Curves) or Talisa Soto (Licence to Kill/Harts of the West)
3) Mark Dacascos (American Samurai/Only The Strong), Michael DeLorenzo (Head of the Class/A Few Good Men), Walter Jones (One of the original Power Rangers that left due to non-union contract and available at the time despite new PR episodes being broadcast since they were filmed several months prior), Sean Kanan (Karate Kid III/The Outsiders), Kurt McKinney (No Retreat, No Surrender/Sworn to Vengeance) or Taimak (The Last Dragon/A Different World)

TV Show (Red Dwarf was on hiatus between seasons 6 (1993) and 7 (1997), so at least some of a crew good with a limited budget, production designer Mel Bibby being the prime example, might have possibly been available)

U.K. Story Editor - Chris Boucher (Blake's 7/Star Cops)

U.S. Comic Book/Live Action Writers (since George R.R. Martin is a comic book fan and might have suggested something like this if he had worked on the show to maintain the proper tone)
Steven Barnes (Fusion/The Wizard), Cary Bates (Superman/Superboy), Danny Bilson & Paul De Meo (The Rocketeer/The Flash), Alan Brennert (Batman/L.A. Law), Mike Carlin (Star Trek: The Next Generation/Superboy), Howard Chaykin (American Flagg/The Flash), Gerry Conway (Spider-Man/Father Dowling Mysteries), Peter David (The Incredible Hulk/Trancers 4), J.M. DeMatteis (Spider-Man/Superboy), Flint Dille (Agent 13/Dragonstrike), Paul Dini (The Batman Adventures/Monsters), Buzz Dixon (Alien Encounters/Terror in Paradise), Arnold Drake (Doom Patrol/Who Killed Teddy Bear), Diane Duane (Star Trek/Star Trek:The Next Generation), Jo Duffy (Star Wars/Puppet Master 4), Steve Englehart (Batman/Batman treatment), Mark Evanier (The DNAgents/Superboy), Gary Gerani (Dinosaurs Attack/Pumpkinhead), Steve Gerber (Howard the Duck/Star Trek: The Next Generation), Don Glut (Doctor Spektor/Land of the Lost), Larry Hama (G.I. Joe/Project X was a never made pre-Armageddon mini-series treatment for David Wolper), Sam Hamm (Batman/M.A.N.T.I.S.), Andy Helfer (The Shadow/Superboy), Jeph Loeb (Challengers Of The Unknown/Commando), Eric Luke (Dark Horse Presents/Explorers), Christy Marx (The Sisterhood of Steel/Captain Power), Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns/Robocop 2), Steve Mitchell (Thrilling Adventure Stories/Chopping Mall), Doug Moench (Batman/Red Sonja uncredited), John Francis Moore (Superboy/The Flash), Larry Niven (Ultraverse/Land of the Lost), Clair Noto (Red Sonja/The Clan of the Cave Bear uncredited), Dan O'Bannon (Heavy Metal/Alien), Denny O'Neil (Batman/Superboy), Martin Pasko (Superman/Max Headroom), Chuck Pfarrer (Virus/Darkman), Michael Reaves (Fusion/Full Eclipse), Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens (Open Space/Beyond Reality), James Dale Robinson (The Terminator/Firearm), John Shirley (Heavy Metal/The Crow), Melinda Snodgrass (Wild Cards/Star Trek: The Next Generation), William Stout (Dark Horse Presents/Galaxy of Terror), Roy Thomas (Conan/Conan the Destroyer), Mark Verheiden (Aliens/Time Cop), F. Paul Wilson (Open Space/Monsters) or Marv Wolfman (Crisis on Infinite Earths/Captain Power)

U.K. Directors (with effects or action experience)
Michael Anderson (Logan's Run/Millennium), Vic Armstrong (Young Indiana Jones Chronicles/Army of One), Ray Austin (Space: 1999/Highlander: The Series), Graham Baker (The Sweeney/Alien Nation), Bob Blagden (The Tripods/Die Wache), Clive Barker (Hellraiser/Nightbreed), Colin Chilvers (War of the Worlds/Superboy), Roger Christian (The Sender/Spaceship), Lawrence Gordon Clark (Frederick Forsyth Presents/Chimera), Tom Clegg (Space: 1999/Sweeney 2), Harley Cokeliss (Battletruck/Black Moon Rising), Kevin Connor (Space: 1999/Wizards and Warriors), Andy De Emmony (Spitting Image/Red Dwarf), Pen Densham (The Kiss/Space Rangers creator), James Devis (Second Unit Director/Press Gang), Harrison Ellenshaw (Visual Effects Supervisor/Dead Silence), John Eyres (Project Shadowchaser/Monolith), Ferdinand Fairfax (Nate and Hayes/The Rescue), Brian Grant (She-Wolf of London/Mann & Machine), Ken Hannam (Moonbase 3/The Day of the Triffids), Graeme Harper (Doctor Who/Star Cops), Sarah Hellings (Doctor Who/The Zero Option), John Henderson (Spitting Image/TV The Borrowers), Peter Hewitt (Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey/Wild Palms), John Hough (The Avengers/Biggles: Adventures in Time), Michael Kerrigan (Knights of God/Doctor Who), Bruce Logan (Director of Photography/Vendetta), Peter MacDonald (Rambo III/Young Indiana Jones Chronicles), Terry Marcel (Hawk the Slayer/The Bill), Tony Maylam (Across the Lake/Split Second), Francis Megahy (Taffin/Red Sun Rising), Andrew Morgan (Blake's 7/Knights of God), Rocky Morton & Annabel Jankel (Max Headroom/Super Mario Bros), Jimmy T. Murakami (Battle Beyond the Stars/When The Wind Blows), Zoran Perisic (Front Projection/Sky Bandits), Maurice Phillips (Riders of the Storm/Max Headroom), Stewart Raffill (Ice Pirates/The Philadelphia Experiment), Crispin Reece (Young Indiana Jones Chronicles second unit director/The Tomorrow People), Norman Reynolds (Production Designer/Amazing Stories), Ian Sharp (Who Dare Wins/Codename: Kyril), Peter Smith (The Sweeney/The Storyteller), Michael Spence (Editor/Edge of Honor), Richard Stanley (Hardware/Dust Devil), David Tomblin (The Prisoner/Space: 1999), Brian Trenchard-Smith (The Man from Hong Kong/Official Denial), David Wickes (Sweeney!/Silver Dream Racer) or Robert Young (Robin of Sherwood/Young Indiana Jones Chronicles)

Going back to the Space Police pilot, Peter Boyle (Star of short-lived police dramedy Joe Bash in 1986) maybe could have been interested to add new scenes that replaced Shane Rimmer in close-ups or Joe Bash footage mixed into a re-edited pilot. Marv Wolfman (Son of a NYPD officer, comic book/animation writer with a live-action Captain Power episode in 1987) would have been a good choice to write if a second pilot was made.

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