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Old 12th October 2016, 11:05 AM
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Default FAB 59 and 70

A bit late in the day I know, but just received issues 59 and 70 of FAB as back issues from the Fanderson shop. It was with only the smallest amount of embarrassment that I realised that I already had issue 70 – or maybe I should say I had already had issue 70, as I can’t find it now!

Obviously I’ve not read every page yet, but I’ll admit that it was primarily the Captain Scarlet Undead feature in #59 that had intrigued me enough to want to buy it (and the other one that I already had/had had, etc…). Fascinating and thought-provoking stuff. It’s certainly true that, in the original series, Scarlet’s ‘indestructibility’ and the implications of such, were only touched upon, but, as Stephen Baxter points out, this plot-device was incredible enough in itself not to need much by way of elaboration at that point. Maybe if it had gone to a second series it might have been explored more thoroughly then? As it was, New Captain Scarlet did a fine job in this respect. I’ve always felt that something that was kind of lost in translation, so to speak, was that electricity was the only thing that could stop a Mysteron from retrometabolising and so kill him/her/it off permanently. Of course a bullet, or a fall from a great height, would do the trick nicely, but to stop them from ‘coming back’ a nice jolt of electricity was what was required. Thus Spectrum brought out the prototype Anti-Mysteron Gun, in order to save them the job of shooting them and then electrocuting their bodies afterwards. The AMG proved to be effective but rather too cumbersome in its prototype form and so they went back to the tried and trusted ‘shoot ‘em and then electrocute 'em’ technique, which was sadly/fortunately never shown! I’ve also often thought that as a Mysteron-controlled zombie, Captain Black is probably the only true member of the undead. Elsewhere in that issue the review of the Umbrella DVD release of UFO caught my eye – sounds like the commentary with George Sewell was not up to much, which is a shame, although I think I had heard this said before – as did the feature on the puppet Revamps, which kind of helped to perpetuate the feeling that they were jobbing actors who moved from series to series playing different parts!

The highlights of issue 70, for me, were the incredible Space: 1999 pre-production art by Keith Wilson and the Moonbase cutaway on the back cover. I remember the latter from the TV Action Holiday Special from 1972, but can’t help feeling that it’s about time Grahame Bleathman drew us a more accurate one! The feature on the super 8 film versions also caught my eye, as did the Gerry Anderson location tour. Having only visited one Gerry Anderson location myself – Neptune House (Harlington-Straker Studios) – I know just how surreal it can be, almost like walking into an episode of an old TV show!

All in all, great stuff. Right, as I’ve got a cold, it’s now off to buy some Lemsip (other cold remedies are available!) and then settle down to read (or rather re-read!) the interview with John Levene!

"I...never want to see you...again."

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