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Originally Posted by watanabe View Post
A semi-related question here, but does anyone know the real world explanation of why Scott was the co-pilot of TB3?

Was it because he was initially seen as the 'main' character, or was it Gerry worried about 'boring' space rescues and thinking 'I'd better put Scott in the rocket too, in case the kids nod off during the launch sequence?'

Surely a more natural fit would have been Tin-Tin.
If there was a production reason then it may have been down to which of the voice artists were available for each story, but I don't think that was a real issue as they could record things as needed.

An "in universe" explanation could be that Scott was usually the "on site mission control" so it would make sense for him to lead any space rescue as well.

Having two lead characters there also allows the usual story telling approach of "have a conversation about what is going on to explain it to the audience" trick to be used.

You then however have to look at the stories where TB3 was actually used as part of the main rescue, as opposed to just ferrying things and people to TB5, and there are only 3:

Sun Probe - which needed 2 flight crew and TIn-Tin as "Mission Specialist" - but aslo needed Virgil on earth to use TB2 for the alternate ground transmitter set up.

The Imposters - perhaps the only one where there was a choice as who else to send (as far as I can recall Virgil wasn't doing anyhthing)

Richochet - where Virgil as needed to fly TB2 for the part of the story involving stopping the satellite hitting anything once TB3 had got the crew out. Also noting that early in the Episode Virgil has piloted TB3 up to TB5 to ferry up some parts to fix it (if my memory is correct)

So - there was only one story where it looks like it might have been possible to use Virgil instead of Scott.

You could argue that the stories were written that way because there was some sort of "guidance" to the writers that Scott "should" always be the co-pilot for some reason, but if you do allow for more flexibility you seem to immediately loose the ability to use TB-2 at the same time and that potentially constrains the stories too much.

EDIT: Just to come back to this and the original question about Tin-Tin:

Whilst there was clearly an intent that Lady P would be a strong main character (and even then she fell foul of what seemed to be series wide “women can’t drive” joke) it was never quite clear to me what role Tin-Tin was meant to fill: She varied from lab assistant to nurse, “Alan’s girlfriend” to “assistant” secret agent (“Cham-Cham”), and even got tangled up in some adventures where she was seen as being quite capable (“Desperate Intruder”).

“Sun Probe” was however the only real “mission” she went on – and even that involved the Jeff/Kyrano “can we ask Tin Tin to risk her life” conversation (and the puzzling and never explained – as far as I know – “we owe you our lives Mr Tracy” comment from Kyrano).

However, whilst she was seen to be able to pilot a plane at one point there was never any indication that she would be considered “qualified” to pilot or co-pilot one of the main Thunderbird vehicles (or even one of the pod vehicles) – and that seems to leave the constraints as to who could be on TB3 that I talked about above.

Was there a view that a female character in one of the main “rescue” roles would have been too much for 1965? – That’s a good question, but they could have quite easily have done the “Tracy family” (sons and daughters) instead of the “Tracy boys” if it had been thought of, so I’m inclined to think it wasn’t considered – and hence Tin-Tin was always going to be a minor character in that respect (something that I’d note that TAG has done something about as part of changing Tin-Tin into Kayo).


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