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Old 12th April 2015, 12:10 PM
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OK, now that Australia has finally gotten to see ep.s 1 and 2...

I went in without any expectations. I came out thinking that there is much good, but a lot of polish is needed.

Some random observations:

I like the designs of TB 1, 2, 4 and particularly 5. As others have noted, TB3 seems strangely Lego-ish. I liked TB1 much more than I expected (TB1s launch sequence was the standout of the episode - does "Max" collect the patio furniture after every launch?).

The long range shots of TB1 and 3 getting up to speed were impressive.
TB2 feels undersized, I'm not sure if it's the design or the way it's filmed, but it lacks the visual power of the original.

Flying FAB-1? No. Just no. Otherwise the design is very good.

It's a POD dammit! Not a module! I hate the new palm tree flop. It makes the runway look smaller and consequently TB2 look smaller. I liked Virgil's powersuit! Such a great bit of kit. Scott's laser worked way too well ... where's the suspense if you can cut through everything in two seconds.

I was accepting of the CGI characters. Not impressed, but not offended either, they just were. There's very little distinction between the Tracy brothers, especially vocally. I occasionally had trouble working out who was who, until I realised that they are all completely interchangeable.

Everyone is relentlessly upbeat and perky. Could they be some form of hive mind?

I approve of the change in race/nationality for Brains, I just wish the voice could decide whether he's Indian, Sri Lankan, South African or Schwarzeneggerian.

TinTin's upgrade to Kayo was good, but she felt more like an employee rather than part of the family. More refinement needed here ... and where's Kyrano? You dropped Kyrano but kept GrandMa?

Lady P's vocalisation doesn't feel in the groove yet. I expect it's early days. I don't disapprove of the pug, but this will be up for constant review. Parker is good (of course).

I really like John's role in TB5. If Jeff is going to be missing, this setup works well.

GrandMaMa ... No. Just no. Send her back to the kitchen. She feels as though she wandered in from a Shrek movie.

Max ... unnecessary. Shades of SloMo? I'd prefer Braiman, although he'd be out of character with the rest of the tech.

Models vs CGI
I am a little disappointed here. Just a little. I had thought the mix would work a better than it is. The CGI characters are a tad generic, there's almost nothing to distinguish them. Except for Alan - his foot long neck (possibly taken from an Alpacca) - made him quite distinctive.

The CGI Thunderbirds against real backgrounds was also less convincing than I had hoped. Not bad, just unconvincing. The footage of TB1 and 2 over the water in the Sealab rescue was particularly dire ... they looked like toys, the water looked as though someone was just out of shot with a hairdryer. FAB1 seemed to float in front of the country scene it was driving through. Tracy Island was wonderful (palm trees excluded)!

However, I'm willing to give it more time for technique to improve and (importantly) for me to adapt. Long distance shots of the Thunderbirds worked very well. The complaints I've made above about CGI read worse than what I'm actually feeling. I suspect that things could improve markedly if we could improve...

There is no subtlety. There is no pacing. Everthing goes from zero to hyperspeed action in no seconds. I enjoyed the action, but missed any any sense of suspense - there was no build in the tension. The Tracy Boys arrive at the danger zone and didn't have that moment of "How are we going to fix this?!?", they immediately start work and everything is resolved 90 seconds later. There may be hiccoughs along the way, but the sense that failure is a heartbeat away was never there. Action, but no risk of consequence.

The plot worked well, it had a lot of pieces, but connected them together well. I liked that IR truely is International. The only time we would have mention of Taipei in TOS would be a weary Scott returning home from an unseen typhoon rescue. Everyone slotted into their roles well, but the upbeatness of everyone diminished any sense of danger.

We get little insight into the world of 2060. We get even less insight into the people being rescued. Who are those people in Sealab 1? What was Sealab doing? Part of the buzz of TOS was seeing the outlandish visions of the future. Here the people in peril are just an excuse for a Thunderbird launch sequence.

I think the music can function well, but it's DIALLED TO ELEVEN ALL THE TIME! IT DOESN'T STOP! THERE IS NO SUBTLETY OR BUILD OR SHIFT IN TONE! IT'S MUSIC TO THE MAX AND NOTHING ELSE!! This is why I stopped watching NuWho (well, one of the reasons).

General Observations
Is Intetnational Rescue still secret? Because their security chief had no trouble telling The Hood that they're all on Tracy Island.

Does IR wait for rescue calls, or do they just stick their noses in anywhere? TB5 is calling the shots.

How is a seven year old to make sense of the International Rescue setup? Where did they get these rockets? What's that space station? How do they have their own island? How is Lady P connected to anything? How do they pay for all this stuff? Who's this "Jeff" they keep talking about? I think that I would be a very excited seven year old with a lot of questions.

NewAlan is indeed slightly less annoying than OriginalAlan!

Re-reading the above, it sounds harsher than what I'm feeling. There are a lot of flaws, but I think the sum is more than the individual parts. I enjoyed the first two episodes, they stood on their own legs (rather than relying on memories of TOS). I'm enthusiasticly waiting for the next episode. I think a lot of the above issues can be bedded in - although I'm not sure that the music will get the range it needs.

I'm certainly much more impressed by TAG than how I was after watching Star Trek TNG's "Encounter at Farpoint". That programme seemed to go on to be better than the pilot would suggest.

I hope there are now excited seven year olds with as big a buzz from TAG as I had from TOS.
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Old 12th April 2015, 03:29 PM
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Opinion from another Aussie:

Music....meh. It's loud, it never varies, it's overdramatic library music at its worst. Was it written for the show or did someone just troll through out of copyright Hollywood movie soundtracks and pick a sequence and put it on endless repeat? When I think of Barry Gray's wonderful incidental music....sigh. Oh well, the era of really good TV themes and incidental music ended years ago.

The Tracys. Voices - hard to tell apart some of them, but the voice acting is better than NCS (except for Capt Black). How they looked - had no trouble recognising Scott, but will have to make more of an effort to identify the others. Alan still mildly annoying. Grandma - in a word, grotesque.

Lady Penelope and Parker. Parker - great. Lady Penelope - hated her. Voice all wrong and I didn't care much for the look of her either.

Brains - what was he again? He sounded indian at times. Is he supposed to?

Kayo - What is it with CGI women and ponytails? At least her hair has texture compared to the perpetually greasy looking hair of the NCS Angels.

The craft - not bad, except the launch sequence for TB2 is pretty silly. Wasn't moving back palm trees enough, that they had to include the garden borders as well?

Actual story..... Hmm. I think I'll have to watch it again to get any kind of continuity.

Verdict. Better than I expected. More tolerable to watch than NCS. I really couldn't stand Lady Penelope though, which is a pity.
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Old 6th November 2016, 08:09 AM
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I'm going to have to see if i can find this now!!! I was clueless to the fact of their being another series out
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Old 6th November 2016, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Spaced View Post
I'm going to have to see if i can find this now!!! I was clueless to the fact of their being another series out
Series 1 is out on DVD, or you can see it on Amazon Prime, or (it appears) Disney XD (starting on 7th Nov aparently).

Series 2 has just started on ITV and CITV, so they don't have Series 1 repeats on at the moment (at least as far as I've noticed)

[Note - there is a source of confusion to watch out for: Series 1 (in ITV "speak") is 26 Episodes - with the Second Series of 26 Episodes now on. Amazon (and others) on the other hand seem to regard it as 2 lots of 13 Episodes and refer to the second half as "Series 2" - so by the time they start showing "Series 2" they'll be calling it Series 3 and 4....... ITV seems to have already commissioned "Series 3", so that will 5 and 6 on Amazon.......

If you want more of the "original" style Episodes there were 3 "new episodes" made in the last year from the original records that were released - these were only available to the Kickstarter backers (with some remaining copies being sold off at the end). There is a view that they may be on ITV at some point, or given a more general release. There's a "making of" documentary here:


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