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Old 5th November 2013, 09:07 AM
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Default Virgin Trains nameplates for sale

Having just read about this on Jamie Anderson's web site: http://www.gerryanderson.co.uk/virgi...meplates-sale/ I'm curious as to why the plates are for sale. Are the trains being replaced, refurbished, restored, removed, renewed or renamed?

I wonder what the reserve is?
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Old 8th December 2013, 04:17 AM
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Sorry for my tardiness.

The answer to your question is, simply, they were not used in the first place.

Their intented purpose was to couple them to Electric Pendolinos on a routine basis, and drag them beyond the electrified lines (to places like Holyhead). This would have allowed Virgin Trains to run an entirely electric fleet and only use Diesels on track where there is no Overhead supply (which would have been nice).

In the event, there was a miscommunication with the manufacturer of the Pendolino trains, Alstom. They had not intended that such coupling would occur on anything other than an emergency basis. As a compromise, Alstom allowed them to be used coupled with a driver in both the Pendolino's cab and the Thunderbird's.

This meant the whole thing was completely uneconomic. There were a few scheduled runs to Holyhead; this was gradually reduced to a single run each week. The last scheduled "drag" was last year.

Essentially, Virgin were leasing a whole fleet of locomotives which sat around doing nothing.
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