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Old 10th September 2011, 11:16 PM
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Default Top Gear

In preparation for the Flaming Rugby World Cup, we've been stocking up on DVDs.

Today we entertained ourselves with the first DVD of the Top Gear challenges. I know that Top Gear has mentioned things Anderson before - Jeremy Clarkson getting stuck and relying on a tractor or something similar that he dubbed Thunderbird Two to get himself freed springs to mind, but when James May and Richard Hammond were testing out the aerodynamics of a Reliant Robin in a wind tunnel to see if it could be converted to a space shuttle, I'm sure I heard the theme from Joe 90.

But I'm not quite sure why. Maybe because the fan and BIG RAT were both things that spin around?
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Old 26th April 2012, 03:19 AM
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I saw a repeat of an episode from a few years back wherein the trio were trying to modify some car for some challenge ( narrows it down a lot, doesn't it? ). Anyway, after a particular attempt failed there was a reaction shot of Hammond, May and Clarkson, and a small bit of a musical cue from "Space:1999's" "Black Sun" was played. Made my ears perk up like a dog's when I heard that. Had to rewind the dvr four or five times just to be sure I wasn't imagining it.
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Old 26th April 2012, 11:48 PM
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Not TG but Motorworld, one of the car-related series Clarkson made in the late 90's before he & Andy Wilman resurrected the former show into the all-conquering juggernaut that it is today, Jezza made a comment while driving an open-topped sports car about wanting to be called Commander Straker! And i have to say, i agree with him!!
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