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Post Thunderbirds marathon

Seeing as all you lot are watching some\all of Gerry's work I thorght I would jump on the bandwagon, so some time (I don't know maybe some time in the next couple of weeks) I am going to watch all the Thunderbirds in two days, here's my plan;
Day 1
08:00, Trapped in the Sky
08:50, Pit of Peril
09:40, The perils of Penelope
10:30, Terror in New York city
11:20, Edge of impact
12:10, Day of disaster
13:00, 30 minutes after noon
13:50, Desperate intruder
14:40, End of the road
15:30, The uninvited
16:20, Sun probe
17:10, Operation crash-dive
18:00, Vault of death
18:50, the mighty atom
19:40, City of fire
20:30, The impostors
21:20, The man from MI.5
22:10, Cry wolf
23:00, Danger at ocean deep
23:50, Go to bed

Day 2:
08:00, Move and you're dead
08:50, The duchess assignment
09:40, Brink of disaster
10:30, Attack of the alligators!
11:20, Martian invasion
12:10, The Cham-Cham
13:00, Security hazard
13:50, Thunderbirds Are Go!
15:20, Atlantic inferno
16:10, Path of destruction
17:00, Alias MR Hachenbacker
17:50, Lord Parker's 'oliday
18:40, Ricochet
19:30, Give or take a million
20:20, Thunderbird 6
21:50, Go to bed

Obviously I would be posting here where I am on the day, So guys what do you think?
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