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I thought it was good.

Quite liked the twist with The Mechanic not being a bad guy after all, but upon looking back over all of Season 2 & what the Hood said at the end of Season 1, it all makes sense. Can't help but wonder if The Mechanic is Kyrano in some way, but that's just me.

Must admit, I was getting a little frustrated at there being no sign of Virgil until he appeard with TB2 & Alan. Nice reference to The Univited with TB1 at the start. Shame we never got to see TB3. It would've been cool to see it going up against The Sentinal.

Season 3 is due to begin in Spring according to the Offical Facebook & Twitter accounts.

Overall I'd say this half of Season 2 has been pretty solid. Hope they keep it up. It's been a great run.
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