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Originally Posted by Parker View Post
Hi theinspector, I'm not so sure what the Fab Anniversary Specials are , you'll have to school me on those (I'm from the USA ya know ) ... let me know what they are/look like!

I've got FAB issues #66, 72-89. I'm planning on getting all those other back issues real soon!!
Sorry - I assumed that as you'd purchased binders you had all the back issues.
Fanderson only have back issues from 60 onwards. As you're in the US it may be quite costly to get all the other 59 unless you're lucky enough to get a bundle in one go.
The Anniversary specials came out some years ago, one was A4 and the other was A5 and IIRC a feature in it was concluded in an issue of FAB. But as its additional to the run and the binders only have the 8 elastics you can't add in any extra mags.
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