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Originally Posted by Grahame View Post
I'd like Fanderson to consider changing back to four issues a year.
Putting aside the logistical reasons for changing the membership to three issues of FAB, can I remind everyone just how many issues actually have been published each year since the magazine started?
1991 - 2
1992 - 6
1993 - 4
1994 - 5
1995 - 5
1996 - 4
1997 - 5
1998 - 4
1999 - 3
2000 - 2
2001 - 3
2002 - 2
2003 - 2
2004 - 4
2005 - 2
2006 - 2
since 2007 - 3
So, as you can see, the publication has always been sporadic. It was hardly ever four per year and, on quite a few occasions, we only published two a year, but since 2007 we've sent you the promised three issues per calendar year.

But the change to three issues per membership in 2014 was a decision based on cost, and it's worth remembering that until then we'd held the membership cost the same for nine years.

Originally Posted by Grahame View Post
I'm a member of several other societies, clubs, and organisations who produce magazines that are regularly sent to members. None are less than four issues a year and one is six a year (of a full colour 80 - 90 pages A5 magazine plus a separate black and white 16 pages Newsletter). Yet all have annual membership fees of no more than Fanderson.
Please send us details of those clubs, Grahame, so we can talk to them about how they do it for the money. A few years ago another member said they could get FAB printed much cheaper, but never even bothered to come up with any suggested printers, so we couldn't get comparative quotes ( Certainly, of the printers we've found that can deliver the quality we know club members want, reliably, I believe we're getting an extremely good deal from our current printer.


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