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4th February 2010, 09:04 PM
I've recently done something for the first time, and for the life of me I can't figure out why I never thought to do it before.
As a child of the 60's (born in 61) All the Anderson programs I saw, with the exception of the film Thunderbirds Are Go, were seen in black and white. From Stingray up to the first London region screening of UFO, all in black and white.
I didn't see a single episode of any Anderson show in colour until the first repeat run of UFO which if my memory is correct was on Sunday mornings.
The odd thing is, over the years, with all the various repeats on TV. VHS videos etc I've always watched them in colour. I've never thought to turn the colour off and watch them in B&W to try to re capture some of the feel of watching them as a boy.
But last year I bought the Thunderbirds DVD box set and have watched each episode twice. Once in colour on my LCD and once in B&W on an older TV with the colour turned off.
All I can say is it's been an incredibly enjoyable experience. It's brought back very vivid memories of how much I enjoyed it as a small child. Memories of where I watched it, who I watched it with, if I had my International Rescue costume on while watching it, if I was playing with Thunderbirds toys while watching it. All sorts of things I haven't really thought about or felt for many years. I found it such an enjoyable experience I now intend doing the same with Captain Scarlet. Joe 90 and UFO.
If you are around my age, and originally saw these shows in B&W like I did, and you haven't done this yourself I recommend it. If you find it half as enjoyable as I did it will be worth it.

Steve Gerard
5th February 2010, 03:45 PM
I first watched Thunderbirds at age 5 in 1969 on a black & white TV too. Good memories.:)

7th February 2010, 02:52 PM
Yes i love viewing captain scarlet in b & w like i first did when young,i love the tonal differences between Spectrum officers, ie i think they chose a light blue colour to contrast against the deeper tonal red for b& w viewers etc.But it also made the joy of seeing them in colour in tv21 comic and bubble gum cards incredible.Also batman tv show and marvel us comics which were colour as opposed to the b&w uk editions.But the irony of watching a show with colour coded officers on b&w sets isn't lost,maybe gerry was asked to design a series around colours to inspire col tv set sales,you never know.