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19th December 2012, 12:18 AM
Hello Fellow Anderfans

I was reading the recent articles on Steve Kyte and the Thunderbirds and Stingray comics and all the impressive Graham Bleatham art and it occurred to me how much fantastic art from these two gentlemen as well as the tons of concept art from the shows over the years by everyone from Derek Meddings, Mike Trim to Steve Begg that there must be out there.

Surely there must be enough for *at least* one coffee table book to do it justice? Maybe Kickstarter would be a way for the club to raise the funds for such a venture?

Just some random thoughts that I felt like sharing.

- Gary

19th December 2012, 10:40 AM
The art of Mike Trim is a great book with lots of art.

I've always wanted to do an art compilation book like the Star Trek ships of the line books with multiple artists.

air terrainean
20th December 2012, 10:23 AM
There's certainly a huge amount of fantastic artwork that's been produced in connection with the Anderson shows over the years. The main problem with putting it all together in a book would be working oout what to include, and sourcing some of the original material, as it doesn't all exist in one place. Any publisher would also need to secure relevant copyright permission from the various rights holders, depending on which programmes were featured.

21st December 2012, 08:37 PM
Yes, to above idea. FAB was dear enough to centrespread Graham's early series Cutaways. But look at the size of them. I have quite a few of them, mostly regular sized black and white or colour xeroxes, but that represents only a partial collection. I'd love to see every one of them in a large Reynolds and Hearns or DK book. At least you'd only have one publisher to deal with,seeing that most of them were Fleetwayed...Yes, Mike Trim's book is a treasure,but I'd have liked it more if it was just Anderson-centric, like Derek's Anderson-only 1993 book.
And isn't it time to do the same with those core TV21 illustrators? Not everything but enough represented to get the drift.