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  1. Flying High
  2. Favourite Barry Gray Music
  3. Best vocalist(s) from Anderson shows
  4. Fireball - instrumental version
  5. Gerry Anderson Inspired songs
  6. The Sound Effects
  7. (Release) The sounds of Gerry Anderson’s productions
  8. Thunderbirds End Titles Question
  9. Four Feather Falls songs
  10. dream sequence - journey to the far side of the sun
  11. URGENT : How many people were in attendance at Barry Gray Concert?
  12. The Fans of Barry Gray Paper
  13. Where did I hear that? Re-use of Barry Gray music
  14. Make it STOP!!! Please make it stop!!!
  15. Unreleased "SCARLET" music from Silva Screen
  16. Terrahawks orchestrated
  17. Thunderbirds: Monorail To Disaster TV Version
  18. Perils Of Penelope/Tracy Island Music Cue
  19. Music edits
  20. Barry Gray Website Relaunch - Press Release
  21. Commercial Break
  22. nursery ryhmes from outer space ...
  23. Groovy Fireball XL5 2010 Movie / Music Video
  24. A Music editing test of sorts
  25. Help
  26. Eagle Transporting Across The Universe
  27. Stand By For Adverts
  28. Thunderbirds from Blackburn Cathedral
  29. Complete studio-recording list of Barry Gray
  30. Barry Gray - Standby For Adverts - BBC London 15th June
  31. Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun: Recordings Lost?
  32. Barry Gray Radio Show This Weekend - Sunday 24th July
  33. Lady Penelopy & Parker
  34. Rushed Thunderbirds Are Go?
  35. Music from Space City
  36. Science fiction’s finest cd release
  37. TAG Soundtrack.
  38. Music from the Space:1999 compilation movies
  39. International 'You Tube' Concerto
  40. New Arctic Monkeys Single Thunderbirds Reference
  41. Jazz music (in Stingray/Thunderbirds)
  42. Identifying this death chord - "SCARLET"
  43. Who really composed the Additional Music in Terrahawks?
  44. Anyone prefer the original Captain Scarlet theme?
  45. Italian Spiderman - an oldie but goodie!!
  46. The Supercar library music
  47. Barry Gray at the Proms?
  48. New Book on Electronic Music
  49. Ralph Titterton Interview About The Barry Gray Legacy
  50. Barry Gray Online and On Air
  51. Love Barry Gray but....
  52. Question about Thunderbird themes
  53. The Mighty Atom...
  54. Were Many of Kate Kestrel's songs commercially released?
  55. Sheet Music?
  56. New Fanderson Thunderbirds Soundtrack WISH LIST
  57. Barry Gray 30th Anniversary Film
  58. Barry Gray Music live 14th July 2014
  59. Time to recognise Barry's Efforts
  60. Barry Gray Discography
  61. Barry Gray's BOAC
  62. Twizzle Record
  63. Worst covers
  64. Thunderbirds 2004 Trailer Music
  65. gerry anderson's project 90
  66. UFO Music
  67. lady penelope's arrival music
  68. Who can identify this cue?!
  69. Japanese Thunderbirds Sountrack CD
  70. 'thunderbirds are go'FAB feat. MC parker 1990
  71. Barry Gray records the Who in 1963?
  72. Barry Gray - Black Country Music Podcasts
  73. 'joe:90' on 'northern soul:living for the weekend'
  74. ‘Thunderbirds’incidential music on ‘space:1999’