(Series One)

Episodes listed in production order

Regular Voice Cast

Dr. "Tiger" Ninestein Jeremy Hitchin
Zelda Denise Bryer
Captain Mary Falconer Denise Bryer
Yung-Star Ben Stevens
Sergeant Major Zero Windsor Davies
Cy-Star Anne Ridler
Lt. Hiro Jeremy Hitchin
Stew Dapples Ben Stevens
Captain Kate Kestrel Anne Ridler
Colonel Johnson Jeremy Hitchin
Lt. Hawkeye Ben Stevens
Dix-Huit Ben Stevens
Space Sergeant 101 Ben Stevens
HUDSON Ben Stevens

Episode List

  1. Expect The Unexpected
  2. Expect The Unexpected Part 2
  3. Gold
  4. Thunder-Roar
  5. Close Call
  6. From Here To Infinity
  7. Space Samurai
  8. The Sporilla
  9. Happy Madeday
  10. Gunfight At Oaky's Corral
  11. The Ugliest Monster Of All
  12. The Gun
  13. Thunder Path
  14. Mind Monster
  15. To Catch A Tiger
  16. The Midas Touch
  17. Operation S.A.S.
  18. Ten Top Pop
  19. Unseen Menace
  20. A Christmas Miracle
  21. Midnight Blue
  22. Play It Again, Sram
  23. My Kingdom For A ZEAF
  24. Zero' Finest Hour
  25. The Ultimate Menace
  26. Ma's Monsters

A complete episode guide is under construction and will be available shortly.

Series Two

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