(Series One)

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Regular Voice Cast

Jeff Tracy . . . Peter Dyneley
Scott Tracy . . . Shane Rimmer
Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward . . . Sylvia Anderson
Virgil Tracy . . . David Holliday
Alan Tracy . . . Matt Zimmerman
Brains . . . David Graham
Aloysius 'Nosey' Parker . . . David Graham
Tin-Tin Kyrano . . . Christine Finn
Gordon Tracy . . . David Graham
John Tracy . . . Ray Barrett
Kyrano . . . David Graham
Grandma Tracy . . . Christine Finn
The Hood . . . Ray Barrett

Episode List

    Thunderbird 5
  1. Trapped In The Sky
  2. Pit Of Peril
  3. City Of Fire
  4. Sun Probe
  5. The Uninvited
  6. The Mighty Atom
  7. Vault Of Death
  8. Operation Crash-Dive
  9. Move - And You're Dead
  10. Martian Invasion
  11. Brink Of Disaster
  12. The Perils Of Penelope
  13. Terror In New York City
  14. End Of The Road
  15. Day Of Disaster
  16. Edge Of Impact
  17. Desperate Intruder
  18. 30 Minutes After Noon
  19. The Impostors
  20. The Man From MI.5
  21. Cry Wolf
  22. Danger At Ocean Deep
  23. The Duchess Assignment
  24. Attack Of The Alligators!
  25. The Cham-Cham
  26. Security Hazard

Attack Of The Alligators! (#24)

Attack Of The Alligators! Written by Alan Pattillo
Directed by David Lane
Edited by Harry Ledger

Regular Cast:
Jeff, Scott, Virgil, Alan, Brains, Tin-Tin, Gordon, John, Grandma

Major Equipment:
TB1, TB2 (Pod 6), TB4, TB5, Hoverbikes

Guest Voice Cast:
Dr. Orchard Ray Barrett
Culp David Graham
Blackmer John Tate
Hector McGill Matt Zimmerman
Mrs. Files Sylvia Anderson

Blackmer visits Dr Orchard and his assistant Hector McGill at a lonely house on the Ambro River to see the effects of a new food additive called theramine, developed by Orchard from a rare plant that only grows in this area. Theramine greatly increases the size of animals fed with it, offering a solution to the world food shortage and even greater financial potential. These revelations are overheard by the boatman Culp, who later steals a sample of theramine from the laboratory, accidentally spilling some of the drug into the sink. He washes the spillage away into the river where it immediately affects the growth of three alligators. When Culp ferries Blackmer down the river the next morning, they are attacked by one of the alligators, now grown to enormous size. Blackmer is rescued by McGill but when they take refuge in the house with Orchard and his housekeeper Mrs. Files, they are surrounded by all three of the giant creatures...

This episode was inspired by the H.G. Wells novel The Food Of The Gods and director Paul Leni's 1927 classic silent film The Cat And The Canary (remade with Bob Hope in 1939 and with Honor Blackman in 1977). The production team hired baby crocodiles to double as the giant alligators on the model set and this was the first time that live animals were used in the filming of the Supermarionation productions. Visual effects director Brian Johncock refused to be involved as he did not agree with the use of electricity to encourage the crocodiles to move as required, although these scenes were supervised by an RSPCA inspector. The episode's events take place on March 10th and 11th (the next day is Alan's birthday, given as March 12th in the series' promotional information).

The businessman Blackmer was named after the elegant American character actor Sidney Blackmer (1894-1973) who appeared in numerous feature films from the 1930s to the 1960s. He made his debut in the 1914 serial The Perils Of Pauline and can also be seen in Trapped In The Sky (1939), High Society (1956) and Rosemary's Baby (1970). The stock footage of a stormy sky seen near the start of the episode was later used as the opening shot in the title sequence of the ITC series The Prisoner.

Although he did not write this episode, it appears that Thunderbirds script-writer Dennis Spooner may have been inspired by the basic idea of Attack Of The Alligators! (a chemical designed to solve the world food shortage problem by increasing the size of livestock is accidentally washed down a sink and causes violent animals to grow to enormous proportions) in his script for Gnaws, an episode of The New Avengers originally screened in 1976. In that programme, a giant rat was substituted for the giant alligators.

Attack Of The Alligators! was adapted for audio on Penguin Audiobooks' Thunderbirds - 4 (ISBN 014180338X, 2001) audiocassette collection with additional narration by William Roberts.

A film camera and its camera operator can be seen reflected in the glass during a shot of Mrs. Files at the window of Orchard's house in the opening sequence.

Original UK Airdate: March 10th, 1966 - 7.00pm (ATV Midlands)

First UK Network Broadcast: March 20th, 1992 - 6.00pm (BBC2)

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The Cham-Cham (#25)

The Cham-Cham Written by Alan Pattillo
Directed by Alan Pattillo
Edited by Harry Ledger

Regular Cast:
Jeff, Scott, Penelope, Virgil, Alan, Brains, Parker, Tin-Tin, Gordon, John, Grandma

Major Equipment:
TB1, TB2, TB3, TB5, Ladybird Jet, Braman, RTL2 Transporter

Guest Voice Cast:
Cass Carnaby Ray Barrett
Olsen David Graham
Commander, Matthews Field Ray Barrett
Maxie John Tate
Banino Matt Zimmerman
Captain Savidge David Graham
Scheiler John Tate
Hitchins David Graham
Macklin Matt Zimmerman
Foreign Colonel John Tate
Foreign Lieutenant Matt Zimmerman
Radio Maxwell DJ Ray Barrett

An RTL2 transporter plane is attacked and shot down by three enemy fighter jets while on a secret missile delivery mission. This is the third such attack and Alan has noticed that each time a transporter is shot down, the Cass Carnaby Five have been giving a live performance of their hit tune 'Dangerous Game', broadcast by Radio Maxwell. The group are currently performing at Paradise Peaks, a deluxe hotel in the Alps, so Jeff sends Penelope to investigate, posing as torch singer Wanda Lamour. Penelope is joined by Tin-Tin and they secretly film the band's manager Olsen working at a complex computer board. Brains realises that Olsen is using a Cham-Cham, a device that is sensitive to ultrasonic harmonics and microtones, to encode information about the rocket transporters into the broadcast musical arrangements of 'Dangerous Game'. Only Penelope's next performance with the band can prevent the destruction of another transporter plane!

The artists' agent Maxie previously appeared as film producer Bletcher in Martian Invasion. The photos on the wall in his office include portraits of Bletcher, Goldheimer and a Martian (all from Martian Invasion), Lieutenant Jensen and Allpets chairman Sir Arthur (both from Danger At Ocean Deep), Frank Hooper (from Atlantic Inferno) and the Duchess of Royston (from The Duchess Assignment). Cass Carnaby also has a picture of the Duchess on the wall of his dressing room and the Duchess herself can be seen dancing nearby as Penelope dances with Olsen. When Penelope and Tin-Tin go ski-ing, their journey to Olsen's chalet is accompanied by a track entitled 'Happy Flying' that was first heard in the Supercar episode Amazonian Adventure.

The Cham-Cham was adapted for audio on the Century 21 Mini-Album Lady Penelope (MA 122, 1967) narrated by David Graham as Parker. With a new introduction by Gerry Anderson, the audio adaptation was first broadcast on BBC Radio 5 at 8.05pm on December 24th, 1990.

When Penelope and Tin-Tin pause to turn on their ski thrusts as they return to the hotel from Olsen's chalet, it starts to snow, but the snow has stopped when they set off again just seconds later.

Original UK Airdate: March 24th, 1966 - 7.00pm (ATV Midlands)

First UK Network Broadcast: April 3rd, 1992 - 6.00pm (BBC2)

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Security Hazard (#26)

Security Hazard Written by Alan Pattillo
Directed by Desmond Saunders
Edited by Harry MacDonald

Regular Cast:
Jeff, Scott, Penelope, Virgil, Alan, Brains, Tin-Tin, Gordon

Major Equipment:
TB1, TB2 (Pod 1 and 2), TB3, TB4, FAB 1, Fireflash, Fire Truck, Elevator Cars, Magnetic Grabs, Sun Probe, Road Construction Vehicle, Explosives Tractor, Martian Space Probe

Guest Voice Cast:
Chip Morrison Sylvia Anderson
Morrison David Graham
Eddie Houseman Ray Barrett
Bob Gray David Graham
J.B. Lester Ray Barrett
Colonel Harris Ray Barrett
Solarnaut Asher David Graham
Solarnaut Camp John Tate
TV Reporter Matt Zimmerman
Commander Norman Peter Dyneley
Captain Hanson David Graham
Fireflash Co-Pilot Ray Barrett
Assistant Controller Ray Barrett
Bill Craddock Matt Zimmerman
Frank David Graham
Allington Bridge Controller Ray Barrett
Dave Clayton David Graham

While Scott, Virgil and Alan are fighting a fire in an English mine, young Chip Morrison stows away inside Thunderbird 2 Pod 1. When Thunderbird 2 arrives back at Tracy Island, the intruder alert goes off and the Tracys find themselves with a security hazard on their hands. While Jeff tries to think of a solution to their problem, Chip is looked after by each of the brothers in turn. The boy exhibits a rare talent for encouraging the brothers to expose International Rescue secrets, as each recalls past rescues which highlight the importance of their individual rescue vehicles. Realising too late what they have all done, the brothers are concerned about what their father will say when he finds out, but they are surprised to discover Jeff giving Chip a full run-down of the importance of his own position in the organisation! Somehow they must prevent Chip from innocently leaking the secrets of International Rescue...

This episode features extensive flashback footage from End Of The Road, Sun Probe, Trapped In The Sky and Day Of Disaster and only 17 minutes of new material. The International Rescue Fire Truck seen during the mine fire rescue in the opening sequence is revamped from the Gray & Houseman explosives tractor seen in End Of The Road. Chip Morrison previously appeared as Bob Williams in Cry Wolf.

The puppet which portrays Chip's father is also seen as Dave Clayton in the sequence from Day Of Disaster. When Thunderbird 2 returns to its hangar, smoke can be seen flowing back down into units inside the hangar, revealing that this is simply reversed footage of the regular Thunderbird 2 launch sequence (this sequence appears again in Ricochet). Once inside the hangar, Thunderbird 2 unloads Pod 1 but the numeral on the puppet-sized pod door in the close-up shots doesn't match the one on the model pod seen in long-shot.

Original UK Airdate: March 31st, 1966 - 7.00pm (ATV Midlands)

First UK Network Broadcast: April 10th, 1992 - 6.00pm (BBC2)

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