(Year Two)

Episodes listed in production order

Regular Cast

Commander John Koenig Martin Landau
Sandra Benes Zienia Merton
Dr. Helena Russell Barbara Bain
Dr. Ben Vincent Jeffery Kissoon
Maya Catherine Schell
Bill Fraser John Hug
Tony Verdeschi Tony Anholt
Yasko Nugami Yasuko Nagazumi
Captain Alan Carter Nick Tate

Episode List

  1. The Metamorph
  2. The Exiles
  3. One Moment Of Humanity
  4. All That Glisters
  5. Journey To Where
  6. The Taybor
  7. The Rules Of Luton
  8. The Mark Of Archanon
  9. Brian The Brain
  10. New Adam New Eve
  11. Catacombs Of The Moon
  12. The AB Chrysalis
  13. Seed Of Destruction
  14. The Beta Cloud
  15. Space Warp
  16. A Matter Of Balance
  17. The Bringers Of Wonder part 1
  18. The Bringers Of Wonder part 2
  19. The Lambda Factor
  20. The Seance Spectre
  21. Dorzak
  22. Devil's Planet
  23. The Immunity Syndrome
  24. The Dorcons

Brian The Brain (#9)

Brian The Brain Screenplay by Jack Ronder
Directed by Kevin Connor
Edited by Alan Killick

"You know, keeping one of you as hostage gives me an 18 carat gold crunch on the other."

A Swift spaceship from a 1996 Earth mission lands on Alpha. The pilot is a mobile computer called Brian who endears himself to the Alphans and explains that his creator, Captain Michael, and his entire crew have died in mysterious circumstances on the nearby Planet D - he has been orbiting the planet alone ever since. Then Brian reveals his true colours, abducting Koenig and Helena and taking them to Planet D where he forces Koenig to recover nuclear fuel from the Swift's mothership while he holds Helena hostage. On board the mothership, Koenig discovers that Brian has murdered his own crew in a jealous rage...

Original UK Airdate: Saturday, October 2nd, 1976 (ATV Midlands)

Regular Cast:
Koenig, Helena, Maya, Verdeschi, Fraser, Yasko

Additional Cast:
Voice of Brian/Captain Michael Bernard Cribbins
Security Lieutenant Marc Zuber
Brian Robot Michael Sharvell-Martin
1st Operative Annie Lambert
Security Guard Quentin Pierre

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New Adam New Eve (#10)

New Adam New Eve Screenplay by Terence Feely
Directed by Charles Crichton
Edited by Mike Campbell GBFE

"I know all about love. I invented it."

An omnipotent figure arrives on Alpha and introduces himself as Magus, the creator of all life on Earth. He announces that he intends to give the Alphans a chance to begin again in a New Eden and transports Koenig, Helena, Maya and Verdeschi to his planet. There, they learn that Magus expects them to be the progenitors of a new human species, but for biological reasons he pairs Helena with Verdeschi and Maya with Koenig, enforcing the pairing with positive/negative magnetic field cocoons. When the Alphans discover a cave which hides strange, mutated creatures - the results of Magus' attempts to learn the secret of creation - Magus is forced to admit that he is the last of a race of cosmic magicians, threatening to destroy the Moon if the Alphans do not co-operate with his plans!

Original UK Airdate: Saturday, October 9th, 1976 (ATV Midlands)

Regular Cast:
Koenig, Helena, Maya, Verdeschi, Carter, Yasko

Additional Cast:
Simon Magus Guy Rolfe
Humanoid Bernard Kay
Maya Creature Albin Pahernik
1st Operative Annie Lambert
Beautiful Girl Barbara Wise
Ape Man Terry York

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Catacombs Of The Moon (#11)

Catacombs Of The Moon Screenplay by Anthony Terpiloff
Directed by Robert Lynn
Edited by Bill Blunden

"Rise up and come to me. Trust me, Michelle. I've faith for both of us."

Chief engineer Patrick Osgood leads a desperate search in the catacombs beneath the Moon to find tiranium, a rare metal vital to Alpha's life support functions and the manufacture of an artificial heart that will save his wife Michelle's life. Caught in the blast of his mining explosives, Osgood has visions of Alpha being destroyed by fire and, convinced that he is Michelle's saviour, he forces Helena and Verdeschi to release her from Medical Center and drags her into the catacombs where he believes they will be safe from the coming holocaust. As Verdeschi leads a search party to rescue Michelle, it seems that Osgood's visions are coming true when Koenig discovers a massive firestorm heading straight for Alpha!

Original UK Airdate: Thursday, November 25th, 1976 (ATV Midlands)
Original Title: "The Catacombs Of The Moon"

Regular Cast:
Koenig, Helena, Maya, Verdeschi, Sandra, Vincent

Additional Cast:
Patrick Osgood James Laurenson
Michelle Osgood Pamela Stephenson
First Engineer Lloyd McGuire
Security Guard Brendan Price
Co-Pilot Bill Alan Hunter
1st Alphan Woman Nova Llewellyn
Second Engineer Saul Reichlin
Nurse Karen Ford
2nd Alphan Woman Felicity York
Alphan James Leith

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The AB Chrysalis (#12)

The AB Chrysalis Screenplay by Tony Barwick
Directed by Val Guest
Edited by Alan Killick

"Forget logic. Recognise desperation."

Koenig, Maya and Carter investigate the source of spatial explosions that threaten to destroy Alpha. Discovering a planet surrounded by a ring of moons, they land on one of the moons and encounter self-propelling Voice Probes who cryptically inform them that their Creators, the Masters, are not yet in existence. Travelling to the planet, they find more Voice Probes who explain that the Masters have a unique life-cycle: after growing old, they enter a chrysalis stage and are reborn, but while in this phase, the Masters are helpless and must be protected by a computer defence system which perceives Alpha as a threat. Only the Masters can countermand the computer's instructions but the Guardian, the last of the Masters, has already entered his chrysalis phase...

Original UK Airdate: Thursday, November 18th, 1976 (ATV Midlands)
Original Title: "The Chrysalis A-B-C"

Regular Cast:
Koenig, Helena, Maya, Carter, Fraser, Yasko

Additional Cast:
A Ina Skriver
B Sarah Douglas
Sphere Voice Robert Rietty
Guardian's Brother David Sebastian Bach
Operative Kate Sarah Bullen
Creature Albin Pahernik

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Seed Of Destruction (#13)

Seed Of Destruction Screenplay by John Goldsmith
Directed by Kevin Connor
Edited by Mike Campbell GBFE

"We have to face the possibility that John Koenig is no longer flesh and blood."

On a jewel-like asteroid, Koenig is trapped in a hall of mirrors and replaced by an evil double who returns to Alpha with a chunk of crystal and proceeds to organise the direction of an energy beam at the asteroid, apparently to neutralise an energy screen that surrounds the Moon. Maya becomes concerned at Koenig's unscientific and illogical behaviour when he refuses to allow her to examine the crystal or investigate alternative methods of piercing the screen, and after she questions his decisions, he confines her to her quarters. Maya finds allies in Helena and Verdeschi and the trio discover that the crystal is a complex form of living matter that lies dormant, awaiting rejuvenation. Alpha's energy beam will provide the necessary infusion to awaken the Kalthon, a dormant civilisation on the asteroid, but the energy drain threatens Alpha's life support systems...

Original UK Airdate: Thursday, November 11th, 1976 (ATV Midlands)

Regular Cast:
Koenig, Helena, Maya, Verdeschi, Carter, Sandra, Vincent

Additional Cast:
Female Operative Martha Nairn
Guard Jack Klaff
Guard James Leith
Creature Albin Pahernik

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The Beta Cloud (#14)

The Beta Cloud Screenplay by Charles Woodgrove
Directed by Robert Lynn
Edited by Alan Killick

"Sarcasm in your present circumstances is hardly a defence."

Sent to investigate a strange cloud, Eagle Six returns to Alpha bringing with it a huge, hideous creature that rampages through the base, completely unharmed by the Alphans' weapons. With Koenig, Helena and Carter incapacitated by a mysterious illness, Verdeschi takes charge of the situation, instructing the computer to lock all doors and only to open them on his command. Assisted by Maya and Fraser, Verdeschi makes various attempts to stop the creature, but it proves to be immune to vacuum, chlorine and high voltage current. A voice emanating from the cloud announces that the creature has been sent to Alpha to take the Alphan life support core which will prevent the cloud's extinction, so Verdeschi, Maya and Fraser make their last stand outside the life support centre...

Original UK Airdate: Thursday, December 16th, 1976 (ATV Midlands)

Regular Cast:
Koenig, Helena, Maya, Verdeschi, Carter, Sandra, Fraser

Additional Cast:
Creature Dave Prowse
Space/Kreno Animal Albin Pahernik

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Space Warp (#15)

Space Warp Screenplay by Charles Woodgrove
Directed by Peter Medak
Edited by Mike Campbell GBFE

"I'm beginning to lose molecular control. I don't know what might happen."

Maya is struck down by a mysterious illness and deliriously relives the last days of Psychon. Then the Moon falls through a space warp leaving Koenig and Verdeschi marooned on a derelict spaceship, five light years from Alpha. Transforming into a scaly space animal, Maya breaks out of Medical Center and attempts to return to Psychon. She tries to lift off in an Eagle but is unable to control it in her creature form and it crashes inside the hangar. Maya is badly injured and Helena attempts to operate on her but she suddenly breaks free of her restraints and, turning into another creature, goes on a rampage through the base...

Original UK Airdate: Thursday, December 2nd, 1976 (ATV Midlands)

Regular Cast:
Koenig, Helena, Maya, Verdeschi, Carter, Sandra, Vincent

Additional Cast:
Petrov Peter Porteous
1st Security Guard Tony Osoba
2nd Security Guard John Judd
Refuel Eagle Pilot Gary Trevor Thomas
Captain Duro Andrew Lodge

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A Matter Of Balance (#16)

A Matter Of Balance Screenplay by Pip and Jane Baker
Directed by Charles Crichton
Edited by Archie Ludski

"Nature always maintains a balance."

Vindrus, an alien from the planet Sunim, helps botanist Shermeen Williams to be selected to join Koenig's landing party. On Sunim, the team find a temple guarded by a monstrous creature and inside Vindrus explains to Shermeen that he requires her help to enable his corporeal body to cross over to this world. When the party returns to Alpha, Vindrus encourages Shermeen to steal a mobile nuclear generator so as to effect this process. He reveals that he is from a universe of anti-matter where the evolutionary process is in reverse, moving towards extinction. Vindrus and his people wish to cross into the matter universe but for every anti-matter person that crosses over, an Alphan must cross back!

Original UK Airdate: Thursday, December 9th, 1976 (ATV Midlands)

Regular Cast:
Koenig, Helena, Maya, Verdeschi, Fraser

Additional Cast:
Shermeen Williams Lynne Frederick
Vindrus Stuart Wilson
Eddie Collins Nicholas Campbell
Chris Potter Brian Osborne
Whispers Olive Greg

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