(Year Two)

Episodes listed in production order

Regular Cast

Commander John Koenig Martin Landau
Sandra Benes Zienia Merton
Dr. Helena Russell Barbara Bain
Dr. Ben Vincent Jeffery Kissoon
Maya Catherine Schell
Bill Fraser John Hug
Tony Verdeschi Tony Anholt
Yasko Nugami Yasuko Nagazumi
Captain Alan Carter Nick Tate

Episode List

  1. The Metamorph
  2. The Exiles
  3. One Moment Of Humanity
  4. All That Glisters
  5. Journey To Where
  6. The Taybor
  7. The Rules Of Luton
  8. The Mark Of Archanon
  9. Brian The Brain
  10. New Adam New Eve
  11. Catacombs Of The Moon
  12. The AB Chrysalis
  13. Seed Of Destruction
  14. The Beta Cloud
  15. Space Warp
  16. A Matter Of Balance
  17. The Bringers Of Wonder part 1
  18. The Bringers Of Wonder part 2
  19. The Lambda Factor
  20. The Seance Spectre
  21. Dorzak
  22. Devil's Planet
  23. The Immunity Syndrome
  24. The Dorcons

The Metamorph (#1)

The Metamorph Screenplay by Johnny Byrne
Directed by Charles Crichton
Edited by Mike Campbell GBFE

"Is there no vile thing you won't say against my father?"

In search of titanium, essential to the repair of the Alpha life support system, an Eagle is dispatched to the planet Psychon where it becomes enveloped by a ball of light and dragged to the planet's surface. A Psychon named Mentor contacts the Alphans, offering to return the pilots at a rendezvous in space, but the rendezvous is a trap and Koenig is forced to land his Eagle on the planet. There, he discovers that Mentor seeks to transform his barren, volcanic world by molecular transformation, utilising a biological computer, Psyche. But Psyche is powered by the minds of intelligent beings and Mentor intends to feed the Alphans to his machine!

Original UK Airdate: Saturday, September 4th, 1976 (ATV Midlands)
Original Titles: "The Biological Soul", "The Biological Computer"

Regular Cast:
Koenig, Helena, Maya, Verdeschi, Carter, Sandra, Fraser

Additional Cast:
Mentor Brian Blessed
Annette Fraser Anouska Hempel
Dr. Bob Mathias Anton Phillips
Lew Picard Gerard Paquis
Petrov Peter Porteous
Ray Torens Nick Brimble
Operative Kate Sarah Bullen
Overseers George Lane Cooper and Alf Joint
Small Chipping Alien John Dixon
Zombie Chipping Alien Neil McCaul
Coloured Chipping Alien Roy Stewart
Command Center Operatives Pam Rose and Robert Reeves
Alphans Chris Figg and Nina Mitchen

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The Exiles (#2)

The Exiles Screenplay by Donald James
Directed by Ray Austin
Edited by Alan Killick

"You're like the people here on Golos - crippled by your moral ideas of loyalty, gratitude and fair play."

53 cylinder-shaped objects take up orbit around the Moon. One of the cylinders is recovered from space and found to contain Cantar, a young alien exiled from the planet Golos. He implores Koenig to recover the remaining cylinders - each containing one of his fellow exiles - before the gravitational pull of the Moon destroys them, so Koenig cautiously allows a second cylinder to be brought to Alpha. It contains Cantar's wife Zova and together they set about increasing the capacity of Alpha's life support to cope with the additional strain that the 53 Golosians will place upon it. However, the pair have ulterior motives and, forcing their way into the power section they generate a transporter beam and escape to Golos, taking Helena and Verdeschi with them as hostages!

Original UK Airdate: Saturday, September 11th, 1976 (ATV Midlands)

Regular Cast:
Koenig, Helena, Maya, Verdeschi, Carter, Sandra

Additional Cast:
Cantar Peter Duncan
Zova Stacy Dorning
Dr. Bob Mathias Anton Phillips
Mirella Margaret Inglis
Stal Anthony Blackett
Old Lady Peggy Ledger
Petrov Peter Porteous
Operative Kate Sarah Bullen
Command Centre Operatives Andy Cummings, Pam Rose and Robert Reeves
Security Guards Roy Everson, Ron Nichols and Quentin Pierre
Decontamination Crew Frank Maher, Charlie Price and Bill Westley
Nurses Jenny Cresswell, Tracey Hudson and Maryanne
Rescue Operative Vic Armstrong

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One Moment Of Humanity (#3)

One Moment Of Humanity Screenplay by Tony Barwick
Directed by Charles Crichton
Edited by Mike Campbell GBFE

"That is what they want from you - to learn to kill."

Alpha is visited by Vegan woman Zamara who mistakes Helena and Verdeschi for lovers and demands that they return with her to the planet Vega. There, the pair are greeted with hostility, but Helena is warned by a servant, Number Eight, that if they show aggression, the Vegans will kill them. Taunted and insulted by the Vegans, Helena and Verdeschi remain calm, escaping from imprisonment to track down Number Eight. In caves beneath the city, Number Eight reveals that the Vegans are androids while he and his fellow servants are the true Vegans, hiding their faces beneath masks to conceal their emotions. The androids do not possess the necessary emotions that will enable them to kill, and intend to spur the Alphans to violence that they can emulate...

Original UK Airdate: Saturday, September 25th, 1976 (ATV Midlands)
Original Title: "One Second Of Humanity"

Regular Cast:
Koenig, Helena, Maya, Verdeschi, Carter, Sandra

Additional Cast:
Zamara Billie Whitelaw
Zarl Leigh Lawson
Number Eight Geoffrey Bayldon
Operative Kate Sarah Bullen
Command Centre Operative Robert Reeves
Vegans Hilary Ding
Maggie Henderson
Laraine Humphrys
Zena Clifton
Jason Mitchell
Paul Hastings
Barry Rohde
Jurgen Andersen
Number Micky Clarke

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All That Glisters (#4)

All That Glisters Screenplay by Keith Miles
Directed by Ray Austin
Edited by Alan Killick

"Red is death! Red is death!"

Koenig leads a geological survey to a dry, waterless planet in search of milgonite, a rare mineral vital to the Alphan life support system. Geologist Dave Reilly discovers a glowing rock formation in a cave and breaks a piece off to test in the Eagle laboratory, but there is a sudden blinding flash of light and Verdeschi is apparently killed. However, he soon returns to life and under some form of hypnotic control collects a second piece of rock and returns with it to the Eagle where the two pieces fuse into one. Communications with Alpha are cut off, the Eagle is immobilised and the party discover that the rock is an intelligent life-form which desperately needs water to survive. With horror, the Alphans realise that the rock sees them as the most convenient source of water...

Original UK Airdate: Thursday, October 28th, 1976 (ATV Midlands)

Regular Cast:
Koenig, Helena, Maya, Verdeschi, Carter

Additional Cast:
Dave Reilly Patrick Mower

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Journey To Where (#5)

Journey To Where Screenplay by Donald James
Directed by Tom Clegg
Edited by Mike Campbell GBFE

"They're not here, Alpha. Are they there? Are they still there?"

Alpha makes contact with Space Station One in Texas City on the Earth of 2120AD. Transference technology enables the Alphans to return to Earth so Koenig, Helena and Carter make the first trip, but during their journey an earthquake hits Texas City and the trio fail to re-materialise. They find themselves in a cold, wooded area quite unlike the conditions that they have been led to expect on 22nd century Earth. Helena contracts pneumonia and they are attacked by savage warriors who take them prisoner. As Dr. Logan and his team attempt to track down the Alphans, Koenig and Carter come to the realisation that they have travelled through time and arrived in 14th century Scotland in the midst of a bitter conflict between the Highland clans and English forces!

Original UK Airdate: Saturday, September 18th, 1976 (ATV Midlands)

Regular Cast:
Koenig, Helena, Maya, Verdeschi, Carter, Vincent, Yasko

Additional Cast:
Dr. Charles Logan Freddie Jones
Carla Cross Isla Blair
MacDonald Roger Bizley
Jackson Laurence Harrington
1st Operative Texas Norwich Duff
The Old Crone Peggy Paige
Operative Kate Sarah Bullen
Highlander Terry Walsh

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The Taybor (#6)

The Taybor Screenplay by Thom Keyes
Directed by Bob Brooks
Edited by Alan Killick

"Alpha is just primitive junk to him. What have we got that he wants?"

Alpha is visited by Taybor, an itinerant trader from Pinvith the Lesser, who lands on the Moon in his jump-drive spaceship, the S.S. Emporium. Unfortunately, his gifts - intended to illustrate his good will - have proven to be too advanced for the Alphans, blinding a hydroponics assistant and sending a technician into a catatonic trance, but Taybor assures Helena that neither is permanently harmed. Koenig is interested in the Emporium's jump drive which could return the Alphans to Earth and Taybor is willing to trade. Koenig offers him Moonbase Alpha with fixtures and fittings intact but Taybor has designs on Maya, intending to add her to his collection of the galaxy's most beautiful objects.

Original UK Airdate: Thursday, November 4th, 1976 (ATV Midlands)

Regular Cast:
Koenig, Helena, Maya, Verdeschi, Fraser, Vincent, Yasko

Additional Cast:
Taybor Willoughby Goddard
Karen Larraine Humphrys
Slatternly Woman Rita Webb
Andrews Mel Taylor
Operative Kate Sarah Bullen
Petrov Peter Porteous
Barbara Vickie Michelle
Model Girl 1 Jenny Clare
Model Girl 2 Chai Lee
Model Girl 3 Penny Priestly

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The Rules Of Luton (#7)

The Rules Of Luton Screenplay by Charles Woodgrove
Directed by Val Guest
Edited by Mike Campbell GBFE

"Cannibals! Murderers! You will be punished as cannibals and murderers deserve to be punished!"

Koenig and Maya are exploring the planet Luton when they are accused of violating the laws of the sentient plantlife. The Judges of Luton decree that the Alphans must prove their innocence in trial by combat against three strange aliens, each of whom has unusual powers and abilities. Koenig is badly injured after dispatching two of their opponents and Maya turns into a bird to find water with which to clean his wound, but she is captured by the third alien who places her in a cage. Koenig is forced to face the alien in a final duel to save Maya before she loses control of her form and is crushed to death!

Original UK Airdate: Thursday, October 21st, 1976 (ATV Midlands)

Regular Cast:
Koenig, Helena, Maya, Verdeschi, Yasko

Additional Cast:
Alien Strong/Voice of Judges David Jackson
Alien Transporter Godfrey James
Alien Invisible Roy Marsden
1st Operative Annie Lambert

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The Mark Of Archanon (#8)

The Mark Of Archanon Screenplay by Lew Schwartz
Directed by Charles Crichton
Edited by Alan Pattillo

"An Archanon cannot give blood! An Archanon can only kill!"

Two aliens, Pasc and Etrec, are discovered in a stasis chamber beneath the lunar surface and revived in the Medical Center. Introducing themselves as emissaries from Archanon, the planet of peace, Pasc explains that he and his son were imprisoned in the stasis chamber by their own people who had been effected by a contagion of evil while visiting Earth. Carter takes a shine to Etrec, but Helena discovers a virus in Pasc's blood cells and the same virus, yet dormant, in Etrec's. Unknown to the Alphans, this virus is a genetic sickness, handed down through generations of Archanon males, which overwhelms them with the urge to kill...

Original UK Airdate: Saturday, October 16th, 1976 (ATV Midlands)

Regular Cast:
Koenig, Helena, Maya, Verdeschi, Carter, Fraser, Yasko

Additional Cast:
Pasc John Standing
Etrec Michael Gallagher
Lyra/Maurna Veronica Lang
Johnson John Alkin
Carson Anthony Forrest
Dr. Raul Nunez Raul Newey
Security Guard Quentin Pierre
Rescue Eagle Pilot Terry Walsh

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