Space Precinct

Episodes listed in production order with production number in brackets

Regular Cast

Lt. Patrick Brogan Ted Shackelford Elizabeth Brogan Megan Olive
Officer Jackson Haldane Rob Youngblood Officer Silas Romek Lou Hirsch
Officer Jane Castle Simone Bendix Officer Hubble Orrin Richard James
Sally Brogan Nancy Paul Officer Aurelia Took Mary Woodvine
Captain Rexton Podly Jerome Willis Sergeant Thorald Fredo David Quilter
Matthew Brogan Nic Klein Officer Lionel Carson Joseph Mydell

Regular Voice Cast

Voice of Slomo Gary Martin
Voice of Orrin Kieron Jecchinis
Voice of Took* Collette Hiller

*Episodes 1-12 only

Episode List

  1. Double Duty
  2. Protect And Survive
  3. Enforcer
  4. Flash
  5. The Snake
  6. Body & Soul
  7. Time To Kill
  8. Deadline
  9. The Power
  10. Seek And Destroy
  11. Illegal
  12. Divided We Stand
  13. Two Against The Rock
  14. Takeover
  15. Predator And Prey
  16. The Witness
  17. Hate Street
  18. Friends
  19. Smelter Skelter
  20. Deathwatch
  21. The Fire Within (1)
  22. The Fire Within (2)
  23. The Forever Beetle
  24. Deathwatch Conclusion

The Power (#9)

Teleplay by Sam Graham
Story by Mark Harris
Directed by Sidney Hayers

Jane and Took are assigned to protect a shipment of Luxorian Ice, a vital part of Solartek's new solar power system which offers a safe alternative to hyper fusion. Meanwhile, Brogan and Haldane investigate the death of reformed jewel thief Vella Sugoi and discover a connection that leads to a deadly struggle for control of Demeter's lucrative energy franchise...

Filming Schedule: September 8th - September 20th, 1994
Original UK Airdate: June 3rd, 1995 (Sky One); November 27th, 1995 (BBC2)
Original US Airdate: January 9th, 1995

Regular Cast:
Brogan, Haldane, Jane, Sally, Podly, Matt, Liz, Romek, Orrin, Took, Fredo, Slomo

Additional Cast:
Numar Sheila Ruskin
Sylvain Alison Fielding
Maxx Zeller Tom Chadbon
Paramedic Mark Carey
Vella Sugoi Ken Whitfield
Lindo Sugoi Alexa Rosewood
Nurse Leigh Tinkler
Rodan Rob Thirtle
Commissioner Will Barton
Paramedic #1 Mark Carey
Businessman Wayne Forester
Reporter Alexa Rosewood
Protester Joanna Berns
Paramedic #2 Will Barton
Beautiful Creon Leigh Tinkler
Ugly Creon Alexa Rosewood
Helmeted Figure Ken Whitfield
Creon Commission Member Leigh Tinkler
Zeller's Chauffeur Ken Whitfield
Passerby #1 Leigh Tinkler
Passerby #2 Ken Whitfield
Human Passerby Joanna Berns
Creon Passerby Will Barton
PC #1 Leigh Tinkler
PC#2 Rob Thirtle
Creon PC Ken Whitfield

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Seek And Destroy (#10)

Written by J. Larry Carroll and David Bennett Carren
Directed by Jim Goddard

With the discovery of Aladine-50, a vaccine against creon fever, the importation of Earth dogs is all the rage in Demeter. Then three executives of Demeter Dogs Inc. are killed in mysterious circumstances and Brogan uncovers a plot that heralds an invasion of Altor by the Omera, an army of nomadic alien killers!

Filming Schedule: September 21st - October 3rd plus October 12th, 1994
Original UK Airdate: May 13th, 1995 (Sky One); November 13th, 1995 (BBC2)
Original US Airdate: November 21st, 1994

Regular Cast:
Brogan, Haldane, Jane, Sally, Podly, Matt, Liz, Romek, Orrin, Took, Fredo, Slomo

Additional Cast:
Vachel David Burke
Slan Nuri Paul Brennan
Noah Ingram John Warnaby
Mr Douglas Sidney Livingstone
Exeter Wayne Forester
Koprov Ken Whitfield
Creon Hooker Leigh Tinkler
Jonita Styles Alexa Rosewood
Zipload Rob Thirtle
Forensic Will Barton
Creon Reporter Alexa Rosewood
Tarn Sketch Artist Will Barton
Garbage Man Ken Whitfield
Creon Suspect Leigh Tinkler
Kenzy Leigh Tinkler
I.A.C Officer Alexa Rosewood
Paramedic #1 Will Barton
Paramedic #2 Ken Whitfield
PC Joanna Berns
Creon PC #1 Will Barton
Creon PC #2 Leigh Tinkler

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Illegal (#11)

Written by Marc Scott Zicree
Directed by John Glen

Tildon Alreeuh, an illegal immigrant from Sagania, saves Brogan's life in a shooting incident, and Brogan learns that his saviour's son, Nillim, is being held by snuff fight promoter Coe Barner. With immigration officials breathing down their necks, the officers of Precinct 88 go undercover at one of Barner's bouts to rescue Nillim, but Brogan soon finds himself fighting for his life...

Filming Schedule: October 3rd - October 18th, 1994 plus April 5th, 1995*
*Re-takes for BBC "Six O'Clock" version
Original UK Airdate: May 20th, 1995 (Sky One); February 19th, 1996 (BBC2)
Original US Airdate: January 16th, 1995

Regular Cast:
Brogan, Haldane, Jane, Sally, Podly, Matt, Liz, Romek, Orrin, Took, Fredo, Slomo

Additional Cast:
Tildon Alreeuh Tony Haygarth
Nillim Alreeuh Tim Matthews
Ogree Pat Roach
Seegur Pat Roach
Coe Barner Richard James
Durl Ken Whitfield
Zaydek Wayne Forester
Guard #1 Will Barton
Guard #2 Terry Richards
Tarn Girl Alexa Rosewood
Tarn Doctor Will Barton
Creon Doctor Wayne Forester
Gruvek David Dee
Hostess Joanna Berns
Immigration Officer Ken Whitfield
Drunk Tarn Will Barton
Immigration Van Driver Will Barton
Creon PC Will Barton

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Divided We Stand (#12)

Written by Arthur Sellers
Directed by Alan Birkinshaw* and John Glen
*Alan Birkinshaw receives sole director credit

Jane and Took investigate the theft of a tarn egg-sac from Demeter Memorial Hospital while Brogan and Haldane are assigned to the protection of underworld crime boss Vinny Artak, who is running for city council. When Artak is gunned down in front of them, Brogan and Haldane find themselves under investigation and learn that Vinny Artak just won't stay dead...

Filming Schedule: October 18th - October 31st plus November 2nd, 14th,16th and 17th, 1994
Original UK Airdate: August 12th, 1995 (Sky One); February 12th, 1996 (BBC2)
Original US Airdate: January 30th, 1995
Original Titles: "Mob Wars", "Carbon Copy"

Regular Cast:
Brogan, Haldane, Jane, Sally, Podly, Matt, Liz, Romek, Orrin, Took, Fredo, Slomo

Additional Cast:
Vinny Artak David Quilter
Dr. Lazlo Kyte Christopher Baines
Regina Baylek Suzanne Bertish
Reporter #1 Kate Beckett
Drak Rebecca Steele
Hospital Administrator Dominic Letts
Junna Kazar Ken Whitfield
Vacua Taz Alexa Rosewood
Forensic Will Barton
Mr. Dodvek Wayne Forester
Mrs. Dodvek Alexa Rosewood
Nurse Sonja Mindt
Investigator Wayne Forester
Reporter #2 Joanna Berns
Caller #1 Andy Dawson
Caller #2 Alexa Rosewood
Volunteer #1 Will Barton
Volunteer #2 Wayne Forester
PC #1 Ken Whitfield
PC #2 Will Barton

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Two Against The Rock (#13)

Teleplay by Sam Graham and Philip Morrow
Story by Paul Robert Coyle*
Directed by Peter Duffell
*Paul Robert Coyle receives sole writing credit

Haldane and Jane escort Houdini, the most notorious escape artist on Altor, to Asteroid A5 - the maximum security penitentiary known as "The Rock". But on their arrival at the asteroid, the two officers are horrified to discover that the prisoners have taken over and mass murderer Eric Volker is the new warden...

Filming Schedule: November 1st - November 11th, 1994
Original UK Airdate: April 29th, 1995 (Sky One); November 6th, 1995 (BBC2)
Original US Airdate: February 6th, 1995

Regular Cast:
Brogan, Haldane, Jane, Podly, Matt, Liz, Romek, Orrin, Took, Fredo, Slomo

Additional Cast:
Wyndam 'Houdini' Derrit Danny Webb
Eric Volker Stephen Greif
Con #1 Ray Winstone
Dr. Elliss Richard Huw
Sportscaster John Chancer
Warden Bronkov Ken Whitfield
Ariset Gagnon Will Barton
Cranston Will Barton
Smike Wayne Forester
Tarn PC Leigh Tinkler
Newscaster Alexa Rosewood
PC Joanna Berns
Creon Guard Will Barton

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Takeover (#14)

Teleplay by Philip Morrow and Chris Hubbell
Story by J. Larry Carroll & David Bennett Carren*
Directed by John Glen
Second Unit Director Gerry Anderson
*J. Larry Carroll & David Bennett Carren receive sole writing credit

When Brogan and Haldane are accused of the cold-blooded murder of Naxus Simi and subjected to an Internal Affairs investigation, the officers' reliability as prosecution witnesses in a case against crime boss Vanus Olvera is called into question. But Brogan and Haldane find there is far more at stake when Jane gives damning evidence against them...

Filming Schedule: November 14th - November 24th, 1994 plus January 17th, 1995
Original UK Airdate: June 10th, 1995 (Sky One); December 4th, 1995 (BBC2)
Original US Airdate: February 13th, 1995

Regular Cast:
Brogan, Haldane, Jane, Sally, Podly, Romek, Orrin, Took, Fredo, Carson, Slomo

Additional Cast:
Cambria Elon Maryam D'Abo
Damon Reseda Clive Merrison
Commissioner Tev Rob Thirtle
Miles Yorba Andy Dawson
Vanus Olvera Wayne Forester
Bailiff Ken Whitfield
Medic Leigh Tinkler
Mr. Brill Will Barton
PC Joanna Berns
Creon PC Ken Whitfield

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Predator And Prey (#15)

Written by Nicholas Sagan
Directed by Sidney Hayers

Following the death of an officer from the 79th Precinct in Demeter's most fashionable nightclub, Brogan and Haldane are teamed with Lt. Verro Walker in a search for a serial killer. Walker is a loose cannon, but may hold the key to the killings when Jane discovers similarities with a string of mysterious homicides that took place nearly a hundred years before!

Filming Schedule: November 25th - December 8th plus December 12th, 1994
Original UK Airdate: May 6th, 1995 (Sky One); October 9th, 1995 (BBC2)
Original US Airdate: February 20th, 1995

Regular Cast:
Brogan, Haldane, Jane, Sally, Podly, Matt, Liz, Romek, Orrin, Took, Fredo, Carson, Slomo

Additional Cast:
Lt. Verro Walker Rolf Saxon
Chloe Vincent Natalie Roles
Enil Kmada Richard James
Zwellin Rob Thirtle
Peri Rob Thirtle
Bouncer Ken Whitfield
Mags Serpell Alexa Rosewood
Mrs. Kroze Leigh Tinkler
Timmons Wayne Forester
Man #1 Andy Dawson
Humanoid Darryl Arnold
Bartender Sonja Mindt
Animal Control Man Wayne Forester
Newsreader Alexa Rosewood
Hooker #1 Alexa Rosewood
Hooker #2 Leigh Tinkler
Dancer #1 Leigh Tinkler

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The Witness (#16)

Written by Eric Gethers
Directed by Peter Duffell

Small-time crooks are turning up dead on the streets of Demeter City and a search begins for prime suspect Mas Maharg, spotted at the scene of the second murder by Romek's new partner Morgan. Then Fredo's daughter Estes is taken ill and Brogan realises that she has been picking up the killer's thoughts with her paramental eye...

Filming Schedule: December 9th - December 21st, 1994
Original UK Airdate: June 24th, 1995 (Sky One); December 18th, 1995 (BBC2)
Original US Airdate: April 24th, 1995

Regular Cast:
Brogan, Haldane, Jane, Sally, Podly, Romek, Orrin, Took, Fredo, Carson, Slomo

Additional Cast:
Morgan Todd Boyce
Iona Datch Kate Harper
Mas Maharg Peter-Hugo Daly
Estes Fredo Kiran Shah
Yolanda* Fredo Alexa Rosewood
Soup Server Leigh Tinkler
Mr. Chantel Wayne Forester
Zipload Rob Thirtle
Danny Kav Rob Thirtle
Lam Sidney Ken Whitfield
Sketch Artist Andy Dawson
PC Joanna Berns
Patron #1 Rod Woodruff
Patron #2 Tony Van Silver
Lowlife Creon Andy Dawson
Homeless Lowlife Creon Ken Whitfield

*misspelled "Yolander" on end credits

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