New Captain Scarlet

New Captain Scarlet

New Captain Scarlet
Series One
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New Captain Scarlet

Regular Voice Cast

Captain Scarlet . . . Wayne Forester
Captain Blue . . . Robbie Stevens
Destiny Angel . . . Emma Tate
Colonel White . . . Mike Hayley
Lieutenant Green . . . Jules de Jongh
Captain Black . . . Nigel Plaskitt
Dr. Gold . . . Nigel Plaskitt
Harmony Angel . . . Jules de Jongh
Captain Ochre . . . Julia Brahms
Captain Grey . . . Robbie Stevens
Melody Angel . . . Heather Tobias
Symphony Angel . . . Jules de Jongh
Rhapsody Angel . . . Julia Brahms
Captain Magenta . . . Jeremy Hitchen
Lieutenant Silver . . . Emma Tate
Voice of The Mysterons . . . Mike Hayley

New Captain Scarlet

Episode List

  1. Instrument Of Destruction - Part 1
  2. Instrument Of Destruction - Part 2
  3. Rain Of Terror
  4. Mercury Falling
  5. The Homecoming
  6. Chiller
  7. Rat Trap
  8. Swarm
  9. Circles Of Doom
  10. Trap For A Rhino
  11. The Achilles Messenger
  12. Skin Deep
  13. Heist

New Captain Scarlet

Trap For A Rhino (#107)

Trap For A Rhino Written by John Brown
Directed by Dominic Lavery
Edited by Andy Walter

Regular Cast:
Scarlet, Destiny, White, Green, Harmony

Major Equipment:
Skybase, White Falcon Interceptor,
Rhino TRU, Albatross SDC,
Hummingbird Helicopter, Swift Passenger Jets

Guest Voice Cast:
Mrs Kackenzie Suzy Westerby
Cadet Johnson Jeremy Hitchen
Head of Security Robbie Stevens
Policeman Robbie Stevens
Security Guard Nigel Plaskitt
Albatross Pilot Jeremy Hitchen
PA Voice Jeremy Hitchen

Colonel White's curiosity is piqued by a UFO report from the Scottish Highlands where an elderly lady, Mrs Mackenzie, claims to have seen green lights hovering over the Grampian Nuclear Power Station. Scarlet is dispatched in an Albatross to investigate the plant while Harmony takes a break from the nearby Spectrum Flight Training School to visit Mrs Mackenzie, accompanied by Spectrum Cadet Johnson. Arriving at the power station, Scarlet is assured by the Head of Security that not one of the plant's 400 personnel has seen anything unusual, but at Mrs Mackenzie's cottage, Harmony discovers that neither of her companions are what they appear to be...
Trap For A Rhino
Original UK Airdate: April 30th, 2005 - 10.54am (ITV)

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The Achilles Messenger (#111)

The Achilles Messenger Written by Phil Ford
Directed by David Lane
Edited by Andy Walter

Regular Cast:
Scarlet, Blue, Destiny, White, Black, Ochre

Major Equipment:
Skybase, Rhino TRUs,
Hummingbird Helicopter

Guest Voice Cast:
Astrid Winters Jules de Jongh
Interrogator Bill Roberts
Guard Jeremy Hitchen
Farmer Jeremy Hitchen
Stormtrooper Nigel Plaskitt

Scarlet and Destiny are undergoing interrogation resistance exercises at the Spectrum Training Base in Scotland when the base commander, Astrid Winters, is killed in a car crash engineered by the Mysterons. Resurrected as a Mysteron replicant, Winters returns to the base with the stunning revelation that she represents a faction of the Mysteron Consciousness which does not believe in the war of nerves. Offering to detail how Spectrum can defeat the Mysterons, Winters insists that she can only deliver the information to Colonel White in person, but as proof of good faith she exposes the Mysterons' plans to wipe out Earth's scientific elite in a single strike on the World Science Congress!
The Achilles Messenger
Original UK Airdate: May 14th, 2005 - 10.55am (ITV)

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Skin Deep (#115)

Skin Deep Written by John Brown
Directed by Mark Woollard
Edited by Andy Walter

Regular Cast:
Scarlet, Destiny, White, Green, Black

Major Equipment:
Skybase, Cheetah RRV,
Stallion Raid Bike, Rhino TRU,
Albatross SDC, Swift Passenger Jet

Guest Voice Cast:
Gina Martinelli Emma Tate
Herr Janus Jeremy Hitchen
Armed Guard Robbie Stevens
Duty Guard Bill Roberts
Spectrum Guard Jeremy Hitchen

Destiny is selected to help test a new flight guidance system at the Aerospace Research Unit but en route to Falcon Air Base she is ambushed by Captain Black. Shortly after, Destiny is caught on security cameras breaking into an office at the International Defence Force Headquarters and stealing top secret missile launch codes, badly injuring a security guard as she makes her escape. Scarlet is devastated to learn that Destiny appears to have been replaced by a Mysteron replicant and sets out to locate and eliminate the imposter, but the real Destiny is being held prisoner in a clinic where German scientist Janus has developed a device which transforms any face into a perfect copy of another!
Skin Deep
Original UK Airdate: April 16th, 2005 - 10.51am (ITV)

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Heist (#113)

Heist Written by Phil Ford
Directed by Dominic Lavery
Edited by Andy Walter

Regular Cast:
Scarlet, Blue, Destiny, White, Green, Black, Gold

Major Equipment:
Skybase, White Falcon Interceptors,
Stallion Raid Bike, Rhino TRU,
Spectrum One Hummingbird Helicopter,
Vampire Fighter

Guest Voice Cast:
Victoria Grey Julia Brahms
Diana Grey Emma Tate
Graves Jeremy Hitchen
Fox Bill Roberts
Controller Glenn Wrage
Vampire Pilot Jeremy Hitchen

Colonel White is dining in London with his daughter Victoria when he receives a report from Lieutenant Green that a Vampire fighter jet has been stolen from the USAF base at Little Marwood and is targeting the Schleswig-Holstein nuclear plant in Germany. While Spectrum's attention is distracted by this latest threat, Victoria is kidnapped and her abductors threaten to kill her unless the Colonel acquires a Spectrum Rhino to assist them in mounting a bullion robbery. White agrees to the demands while Scarlet and Blue attempt to trace Victoria's whereabouts, but they are unaware that the operation is being controlled by Captain Black who plans to bring about the downfall of the Spectrum organisation!
Original UK Airdate: May 7th, 2005 - 10.54am (ITV)

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